iTyreCare is a premium car repair workshop and service center and tire shop that deals in all types of auto repair services in Dubai and Sharjah. We started back in 2018 as a small tire shop in Dubai but soon were trusted by hundreds of customers for a variety of auto repairs. In the beginning, we were only dealing with the replacement of new tyres and repairs related to tires, like tyre puncture, rim repair, or wheel alignment and wheel balancing services but now iTyreCare has started providing more auto repair services such as:

in both cities Dubai and Sharjah, UAE.

Our Team

Our auto mechanic team is one of our core strengths as it has many years of experience in diverse backgrounds related to the Auto Mechanics industry in Dubai. Our team skills range from customer care specialization to in-depth auto electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, repairing at the engine repair level. Our electricians are equipped with the latest gadgets and electrical devices to connect to your car’s electrical systems and diagnose problems.

This team is also an expert in AC repair/Air conditioning and related services n Dubai and Sharjah. The next in line is our tyers team which is an expert in quickly fixing and repairing tyre-related issues. As we have a computerized wheel alignment, and wheel balancing system which in itself is unique in troubleshooting problems digitally, our tyres team heavily relies on the wheel alignment, and wheel balancing system and provides quick service.

Last but not the least, our auto mechanics are one of the bests in Dubai and Sharjah, the lead mechanic has several years of experience across gulf countries specifically, Dubai and Sharjah, and finds it interesting to fix any kind of complex auto repairs and electrical service.

iTyreCare Team

Our Vision

As mentioned earlier, one of our best services is our customer care and top-notch quality delivery. Our Google My Business is a testimony of the same with an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 with total ratings almost reaching the 400 mark. We have had hundreds of happy customers over the years and we believe that is one of our true values and asset. Our customer specialists help you throughout the process and are the customer’s main point of contact throughout the interaction with iTyreCare. They will always try their best to explain our processes in detail and make customers completely understand each step of their vehicle repair.

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