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In the 19th century, Dr. Benjamin Franklin founded the Goodrich company in Akron, Ohio. Initially, they manufactured rubber hoses and fire suppression equipment. In 1914, BFGoodrich won the Indianapolis 500 with its all-terrain Baja champion tires. The company has been introducing new technologies such as tubeless, run-flat, and all-terrain tires for many years.

The BFGoodrich company has 40 years of experience in the motorsport industry. In 1977, the BFGoodrich all-terrain radial tires were now a symbol for off-road adventures in the Dakar Rally. The BF Goodrich tires give excellent handling on both terrain and mud. This brand offers various tires for all types of vehicles, including light trucks, Toyota Hilux, and other 4×4 Cars.

Their tyre gives the best performance on both terrain and mud terrain. The BFGoodRich tires have specially designed tread patterns that provide smooth handling on every road condition in Dubai and Sharjah. Their Tire has the best durability, performance, and excellence on wet and dry roads.

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Why Should You Choose Atlas Tires?

The New owners of Atlas Company focus on new technologies and making quality standards and high-performance tires. The Atlas tyres manufacture all types of tires for every vehicle, including passenger cars, light trucks, and many more.

The Atlas company uses a compound formula, making their tires durable and have a long tread life. The Atlas force tire provides perfect balance and prevents the tyre from wearing quickly. This tire can handle UAE heat and drive smoothly on dry and wet roads.

The Atlas manufactures the best tires and meets the quality of UAE authorities. The fact that Atlas offers cheap prices without compromising on the quality of tires. Some famous products below have ultra-modern designs and cutting-edge retreading technology.

  1. Atlas Land Sport 
  2. Atlas STRD-09E
  3. Atlas Touring Plus
  4. Atlas Priva HT II
  5. Atlas Eco Traveler Plus  

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When You want the perfect tires for your vehicle, Atlas Tyre is the brand that genuinely gives the best performance. We have an extensive range of Atlas Tires available in the shop. At iTyreCare, we offer a wide selection of branded tires. Whether you know which tyre size would suit your vehicle, Our professionals will assist you.

If you’re looking for more than just a regular branded tyre shop, Come to us. Our customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer tires at affordable prices for everyone. Atlas Tyres Prices start from 175AED

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Atlas Tyres Review


I have been using Atlas Tyres for the past two years and I have been very impressed with them. They are a great value for money tyre that offers good performance in all conditions. I would definitely recommend them to other drivers.

Ikram Rana

I was looking for a new set of tyres that were affordable and offered good performance. I decided to try Atlas Tyres and I am very glad I did. They are a great tyre for the price and I would definitely recommend them to other drivers