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Vehicle accidents can damage your car or cause the color to fade. Why drive an automobile with faded colour, scratches, or a dent? When we are giving auto paint services in Dubai and Sharjah.

We restored the car’s colour to its original state once. We are the home of car paint and dent repair in Dubai and Sharjah. We use the latest technology that gives your automobile a new look. Our team is an expert in bumper and scratch repair.

Most people think that car painting in Sharjah is a long and difficult process. We use smart repair machines to remove the car scratch. We offer a wide range of denting and painting services and car polish offers for automobiles in Sharjah.

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Best Dent Removal Service in Dubai

At iTyreCare we use cutting-edge technology for car body repair services. We are experts in car dent repair and also perform general car scratch repair services. We manage luxury car upgrades and car polish services as well, ensuring complete customer satisfaction and the highest standards. Our technicians are highly experienced in fixing any damage to your vehicle, from small scratches to major repairs

Car Bumper and Scratch Repair Service

Someone has damaged your automobile bumper. Don’t worry; we are here to help you, Our technicians are experts in repairing the bumper of your vehicle. Whether it is a small scratch or a major crack, our technicians can fix it.

Our Bumper repair process is very quick. We inspect and detail your vehicle, then use the latest technology and tools to fix the bumper. We use the best-quality materials for repairs and give you 100% satisfaction. We repair all types of bumpers, including Plastic, fiberglass, metal, and full bumper replacement.

Our Professional workers completely remove small scratches. we also offer ceramic coating and 3m anti-rust to keep your vehicle color fresh and prevent any damages. The wide Variety of offers and fair prices make us NO 1 in Dubai and Sharjah.

if you are searching for cheap prices then you must query us we will help you. you can find us online on Google by searching “denting and painting near me”.

Our Car Painting Repair Services include:

We offer complete color repair services in Dubai (Al Qoz) and Sharjah. Our team sees automobiles in detail to remove scratches and do the best paint job.

  • Vehicle Bumper Repair and Painting
  • Alloy Wheel Paint Repair
  • Full-body vehicle painting
  • Dents or any Scratches
  • Headlight and Rear light replacements
  • Car Spray Paint
  • Car polishing UAE

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We offer a wide range of auto repair services in Dubai (Al Quoz) and Sharjah. We can help you with everything from car polishing in Dubai, to oil change, rim repair, and battery replacement. we can handle any brand of vehicle.

Our Technicians will provide extra car care and the best quality products.

For emergencies, find us online by searching “Car paint near me, or Car paint shop near me.”


It is not essential that new vehicles get paint protection, but it helps protect your vehicle from scratches and fading. It also makes it easier to clean the automobile. their are three types of paint protection.

  1. Clear bra
  2. Ceramic Coating
  3. paint sealant

The cost of car spray paint starts at AED 525. It also depends on the size of vehicle, type of paint, and labor cost.

There are a few ways to fix small paint chips.

  1. Touch-up pen
  2. Paintless dent repair (PDR)

To Change the paint color of your vehicle in Dubai. You have to come to us. We are a reputable car paint shop. We offer every type of color and automobile repair service.

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