Looking for Best wheel Alloy Rims Repair shop in Dubai UAE

Looking for Best wheel Alloy Rims Repair shop in Dubai UAE

Last updated on June 25, 2021 by  Rizwan Niaz

Car lovers spend thousands on alloy and customized wheel rims. Most of the vehicles don’t come up with the customized wheel, so the users have to go for wheel customization. There is one thing wrong with a customized wheel. Can you guess what?
Have you ever experienced rim dents? These dents are not only looked ugly but also disrupted the movement. When it happens, the first that you need to start looking for is wheel repair. If not repair timely, rim damage or dent can cause more irregularity in the shape.

Is Alloy Rim Repair Service Possible in Dubai?

Most of the users end up replacing the original alloy with an after-market wheel due to some dents and other problems related to the wheel. If you compare the wheels repair cost with the cost of new, there is a hell of a difference between both.
You may not find repair in every shop, as only a few dedicated tire shops offer repair services and dent repair services in Dubai. We have repaired countless and customized alloys due to different dents and other damages.

Car Wheel Rim Fix Dubai

If you are having any issues with the alignment and performance of the wheel rims, we can fix the issues for you. Here are some common alloy wheels issues that we handle at our garage by an expert technician:
• Professional alloy wheels repair services 
• Rim refurbishment services 
• Rim color paint and CNC restoration
• Customized alloy repair services
• Bent and scratch rim repair
• Dent removal and edge fixing
• Car rim polishing and CNC services
• Alloy crack fix
• Rim color change

What can cause Dents and Bends in wheels?

The whole weight and body rely on the quality of the wheels and the tires. These two components of the vehicle are the connection between the road and the vehicle. During rough driving and speeding, potholes and bumps exert extreme force on the rims. In severe cases, the force may not be bearable for the wheel. In those cases, these potholes and road bumps result in broken car wheel rims and cracks in the rims.
There are many other reasons too that can cause dents or cracks in the rims, like too much load and low quality of the rims. No matter what your issue is with the alloy rims of the vehicle, we can sort it out. We have state-of-the-art rim repairing tools, and our technicians are experienced enough to repair all kinds of rims from the leading brands.

Best Rim Repairing Shop

If you start looking for the best alloy rim repairing shop, you may spend hours wandering from one shop to another. We can make things easier for you. What if we can connect you with the top experienced rim repair experts? Yes, we are talking about iTyreCare Al Quoz. the best tyre, and rim repairing shop.

Wheel Damage Repair at team iTyreCare 

Repairing services require advanced tech and experience. Not many tyres shops offer rim damage repair. Due to the increasing demand for alloy wheel rim repairing, iTyreCare specially imported advanced tools and equipment to serve the local community.
We pay attention to every small detail of the rim fixing and dent removal process. We can bring rims back to their original shape without any mark of the repair. If you think that no one can restore the wheel, give us a try. We make impossible restoration projects possible.

One-stop Rim Repair and Restoration Shop

Rims can add a lot to the overall beauty of your auto. With damaged rims, you are not only risking your safety but controlling your steering will also be challenging. The hot weather of Dubai can also damage the paint and polish of the rims, so when it comes to restoration, we offer every service that you can ever imagine. Here are some top repair and crack fix services for alloy rims at our workshop in Dubai.

Alloy Rim Crack Fix Dubai

A small crack can cause major damage tomorrow. As soon as you notice any minor crack in the alloy, visit us as soon as possible for an alloy crack fix. Your wheel will be just like new after our professional service.

Rim Bend Repair

Bend is the most frustrating thing for a car guy. It not only takes away the overall grace of your car, but you may not be able to steer the car effectively. If you are also facing a rough driving experience due to a bend, you need to visit us in Dubai for the bend fixing and straightening.

Rim Welding Dubai

The welding cost is way less than the replacement price. We use unique paints and welding materials to give an original look to the cracked wheel. Instead of replacing the genuine, long-lasting welding service by us are better options.

Rim Restoration Dubai

Whether you want to change or want to restore the original color, we can do it all. Continued use of the car for longer routes can destroy the real feel and color. A small paint job can give a totally new look to the car wheels.

Rim Repairing Made Easier

Our business motto is to make repair and replacement services easily accessible and more affordable for our customers. Apart from rim repairing services, we also offer tyre replacement services. Unlike other auto repair or tyre shops in Dubai, we are a one-stop auto garage in Dubai. From the smallest car repair to the total inspection of your car, Our workshop is a complete package for car owners in UAE.

Contact Us Now!

If you want to get a quote for car repairing or rim repairing, you can contact us anytime or visit our workshop. Our professional customer service would love to assist you.

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