Looking for Best wheel Alloy Rims Repair shop in Dubai UAE

Looking for Best wheel Alloy Rims Repair shop in Dubai UAE

Car owners spend a lot of money on custom-made wheels. Most cars are not provided with customized rims. There is a point which is not favorable for such wheels.
Rim damage, these dents compromise the looks together with causing problems with the movement. When this takes place, you should immediately start looking for a rim repair service. If the repair is not done one time, it will surely make more difference in the tire suspension along with causing vibration while driving.

Is Alloy Rim Repair Service Possible in Dubai?

Most of the users replace the original alloy with an after-market wheel due to some dents and other problems related to the wheel. If you compare the wheels repair cost with the cost of new, there is a hell of a difference between both.
You may not find repair in every shop, as only a few dedicated tire shops offer repair and dent repair services in Dubai. We have repaired countless customized alloys due to different crakes and scratches.
Some users decide to replace the original with the after-market wheel. If you compare the repair cost with the price of a new piece, you will find a lot of differences. This service is not found in every shop. Only a few tire shops provide this assistance. We have assisted many tailored alloys due to unalike crakes and scratches.

A common fault in alloys

If you are having any issues with the computerized balancing and performance of the alloy’s rims, we can fix the issues for you. Here are some common alloy wheels issues that we handle at our garage by an expert technician:

  • Professional alloy
  • Refurbishment
  • Color paint and CNC restoration
  • Customized alloy
  • Bent and scratch
  • Dent removal and edge fixing
  • Car rim polishing and CNC services
  • Alloy crack fix
  • Color change

What causes dents & bents in wheels?

The whole body relies on the quality of the tires. Both the car parts are a meeting point of the road and the vehicle. During speeding, bumps exert extreme force on the rims. In severe scenarios, the force may not be bearable for the tire. There are other reasons too that can cause these casualties in the alloys, like too much load and low quality of the rims. We have state-of-the-art rim repairing tools. Our technicians are experienced enough to repair all kinds of rims from the leading brands.

Leading rim repairing shop

if you are on a hunt for the finest alloy repair shop, We can make things easier for you. What if we can connect you with accomplished rim repair technicians? Yes, we are talking about iTyreCare Al Quoz. The finest rims repair shop in Dubai.

Wheel damage repair at team iTyreCare

Reparation overhauls require advanced tech and skill. Not many shops offer this repair. We have specially imported up-to-date tools and equipment to serve the local community, as well as paying attention to every detail of the alloy fixing and dent removal process. We can bring them back to their original shape without any mark of the mending. If you think that no one can restore it, try us. We make unfeasible restoration projects attainable.

One-stop Rim Repair and Restoration Shop

With damaged rims, you are not only risking your safety but controlling your steering will also be challenging. The warm climate can also damage the paint and polish, so we provide every overhaul imaginable when it comes to restoration. Here are some crack fix services for alloys at our workshop.

Alloy Rim Crack Fix

A small crack can become major damage soon. If you notice any minor crack in the alloy, visit us as quickly as possible for a rim crack fix. Your wheel will be just like new after our executive service.

Rim Bend Repair

It is the most embittered thing for an owner. It not only takes away the grace of your car, but you may not be able to control the car effectively. If you face a rough driving experience due to a bend, you need to visit us for the bend fixing.

Rim Welding

The cost is way less than the replacement price. We use materials to give an original look to the cracked wheel. Instead of replacing the genuine, long-lasting service by us are better options.

Rim Painting

It adds elegance and style to your car’s wheels and helps refurbish the alloys. It will give the eye-catching effect that you’re looking for. We provide different types of rim paintings, and silver is the most common in all of them.

Rim Restoration

Whether you want to change or get the original color, we can do it all. Continued use for longer routes can pull down the real feel and color. A small paint job can give an utterly astonishing look to the wheels.

Rim Repair Made Easier

Our business maxim is to make overhaul and replacement services easily accessible moreover affordable for our clients. Apart from rim repairing services, we also submit wheel replacement. From the smallest car repair to the total inspection of your car, Our workshop is an absolute wrap-up for owners in UAE.

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If you want to get a quote for car repairing, you can contact us anytime or visit our workshop. Our customer service would be honored to assist you. We are the leading Tyres shop in Dubai


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