At iTyreCare Professional Cooper tires installation Shop in Dubai, With more than a century in the tire industry, the makers of Cooper tires know that having the right tires on your vehicle is important to you.

Here at iTyreCare of Dubai we are committed to making sure we have a large variety of Cooper tires to choose from.

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  • Passenger
  • Light truck and SUV
  • Performance
  • Winter
  • Commercial tires

These tires are reliable, have a strong performance, long tread life, exceptional control, and makes for an even ride. You can experience Cooper Tire excellence no matter what you drive, especially since Cooper produces tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, SUVs, ultra-high performance and off-road vehicles.


Here are a few technological reasons the Cooper Tire has become a trusted name in the tire industry:

  • High-tech mold forms (improve tire contact with the road).
  • Silica tread composites (designed to improve performance of tires on rainy or watery roads).
  • 3-D siping technology (grooves or cuts in tire treads increases traction).
  • Armor-TEK³ carcass (provides protection against stones, glass, etc., getting stuck in the tire).

We have a full range of Cooper tires for sale at iTyreCare of Dubai, including winter tires, performance tires, all season and all terrain tires for all types of passenger vehicles. Choose from amongst our huge selection of Cooper tires that are right for your vehicle, today!

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