Welcome to the iTyreCare al Quoz Dubai, Leading to High Performance, Mid Range, Economy, 4×4 and taxi buses in Most sizes and patterns from 13, to 24, by all Nexen Tires Available, we also provide affordable prices in Dubai UAE.

Nexen Tires were a big part of iTyreCare for several years and is an absolute favorite in Dubai United Arab Emirates. We speed this tyre as a premium economy. Nexen have original match tires on Fiat, Hyundai, and Kia this sounds odd score the tyre as a premium economics and them having OE fit Tyres, many Tyres are rated on the price tag, what you are getting is a tyre great enough to be fitted from factory at the purchase price of an economy/budget tyre. Appropriate for all vehicles, Suv and 4×4.

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We know Tyres and understand our clients, and we could be dependent upon to provide premium quality products and friendly service with honesty and integrity as of our company and personal integrity. Our range includes alloy wheels of all Nexen Tire sizes, the majority of that is in stock and available for immediate fitting in Al Quoz Dubai.

Our staff has advanced training in every aspect of servicing tire-fitting, accessory modification and are always at hand to advise you in making your choice and also to ensure your satisfaction.

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TYRES INSTALLATION: whenever you buy from us, added with solutions is the free installation. No additional or hidden fees will be taken for the installation procedure.

NITROGEN FILLING Gas: Also, you get free nitrogen filling to keep up the pressure and possess a car or truck. Everything being utilized in this procedure is among the best quality.

COMPUTERIZED WHEEL BALANCE: WHEEL BALANCING, wheel balancing is also very critical that a vehicle to work well, it must be performed daily to get a safe ride. We provide with a free automatic wheel balance to ensure that the wheel is well secured and balanced to go on the road.

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As a demonstration of the nature of its manufactured goods, Nexen is a unique gear tire maker whose items are standard addition on new vehicles sold in North America.

Nexen Tire Company whose name is a blend of two future-situated words; next and century, follows its genealogy back to 1942, Yangsan, South Korea. Nexen’s will and assurance to get ready for the future and to drive a superior tomorrow keeps on serving the tire business today and has done so for more than 70 years.

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