Seam Tyres: What It Is and Why You Need It

At iTyreCare, we are a proud provider of the SEAM TYRES brand for our customers in Dubai and the surrounding areas. Whether road conditions are dry or wet, SEAM TYRES delivers a stable ride and provides the best performance. For example, increased indentations and beaded contour patterns provide the support needed to handle the road better.

What is more, do unbroken tread wedges on both shoulders (the outside edge of the thread where it meets the sidewall of the tire) contribute to the strength of the vehicle’s soundness while stopping? The edge of the treads conveys a stable and gentle ride.

Consistent strong focus ribs and horizontal tread squares coupled with rib-in-chain improve steering capability, diminish tread wedges disfigurement and decrease the loss of strength. Unique tread mixture conveys an incredible hold on both dry and wet streets and supports a greater distance of driving.

Seam Tyre Dubai Ityrecare 1


  • Handles the road well (provides stability).
  • Great cornering
  • Uneven patterns
  • Smooth and quiet ride

SEAMTYRE is Perfect handling performance & suitable for operating on sand ground and loose road surfaces, in desert areas.

Periodically rotating (diagonally and same side rotation) each tire can help reduce erosion, wear, and tear, and extend the longevity of the tires.

Contact iTyreCare of Dubai today and we will work with you to find the right SEAM tires for your vehicle. We offer Free Nitrogen filling*, Free tire installation*, and Free Computerized wheel balance*


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