After winning several racing competitions all over the world, Yokohama Tyres has become the top-selling tyres brand. It has become the trendsetter since 1917. It is the best option for Dubai roads. Every product from Yokohama Tyres is tested under different circumstances to deliver the best quality to the users. The superior performance, firm road grip, and optimized design of its offer the best value for money.

The stability of these Tyres offers safety for supercars in Dubai. Roads are full of luxury, and supercars, and most car owners choose it over any other brand. This Tyre has been part of race-winning cars all over the world competitions. By introducing new technologies and materials to the production strategy, Yokohama has improved a lot over time.

Have you heard about World Touring Car Championship and the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge? All of these are the most famous racing competitions. Yokohama was the top product in the winning cars in all of these events. Yokohama meets the practical needs of all car owners in Dubai.


There are many authorized dealers of Yokohama. You can get different Yokohama prices in Dubai depending on the dealership. We offer the cheapest Tyres Prices at our Dubai and Sharjah Branches. We offer a wide range of tyres with the lowest prices. Our rates for tyres make us the ultimate choice for car owners in Dubai.

The affordable Yokohama Prices in Dubai and Sharjah offer the best value for your investment. When you are spending money on Tyres, you can stay assured that you are securing your vehicle and your safety. We are providing the most competitive Prices in Dubai and Sharjah.

Here are the  Tyres Prices in Dubai for some popular products in 2019. We share these prices in good faith, and original Yokohama Tyres Prices in Dubai can vary according to their origin. For the final and cheapest Yokohama


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  • Free Tire Installation
  • Free Nitrogen Filling
  • Free Computerized Wheel Balancing

We are offering all of the mentioned services free of cost. If you want to grab these amazing Tyres offers in Dubai, visit us at iTyreCare. Yokohama offers at iTyreCare are not only cost-effective but efficient too.

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If you are not sure about your selection of Tyres, you can check the online Yokohama Tyres reviews. Most of the users have confirmed positive results of Yokohama Tires. Even in the hot weather of Dubai and Sharjah, Yokohama perform to offer the best performance and fuel efficiency.

The latest technologies by Yokohama provide a noise-free driving experience and a smooth ride. For new models of sports cars, Yokohama offer reasonable traction control even at high-speed drive too.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Are Yokohama tires a good option for driving in Dubai?

    Yes, Yokohama tires are a good option for driving in Dubai. They offer a wide range of tire models suitable for different types of vehicles and driving conditions. Yokohama has been designed to provide good performance and handling in hot and dry conditions like Dubai.

  • Do Yokohama’s tire offer good grip and handling in wet conditions in Dubai?

    Yes, Yokohama tires feature advanced technologies such as multiple grooves and sipes that improve wet weather performance and prevent aquaplaning, providing good grip and handling in wet conditions in Dubai.

  • How long do Yokohama tires typically last in Dubai’s climate?

    The lifespan of Yokohama tires in Dubai’s climate can vary depending on several factors such as the tire model, driving conditions, and maintenance. However, Yokohama tires are known to have a long lifespan and provide good value for money.

  • Can I use Yokohama tires for high-performance driving in Dubai?

    Yes, Yokohama produces high-performance tires that are designed to provide excellent grip, handling, and responsiveness, making them suitable for high-performance driving in Dubai.

  • How do I know when it’s time to replace my Yokohama tire in Dubai?

    It’s important to regularly inspect your Yokohama tires for signs of wear and tear, such as uneven wear, cracks, or bulges. You should also monitor the tire pressure and ensure that it’s within the recommended range. If you notice any of these signs or your tires are more than six years old, it’s time to consider replacing them.

  • Are Yokohama tires affordable in Dubai?

    Yokohama tires are a mid-range option compared to some other tire brands in Dubai. They provide good value for money and offer reliable performance and handling.

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