Car Ac Compressor Repair Or Replace In Dubai

Car AC Compressor Repair or Replace in Dubai

The importance of fully functional car AC is must-have in all Dubai cars to beat the scorching heat here. Almost every car in Dubai comes with a powerful AC system that performs well in mint condition. Many owners face issues with the cooling capacity of the car after some time.

How do these car AC issues and how you can resolve the low-cooling issue of car AC systems? A complete car AC maintenance and repair checkup can help you to get the same luxurious feel again. The car AC systems and compressors are meant to last as long as the engine life.

Car AC is not working efficiently

Car AC not working, it is the most frustrating situation for any car owner. From a weak car AC compressor to the blocked AC ducts, there are many possible reasons for car AC not working and not blowing cold air. Dubai car owners know that it is not fun to drive a car on Dubai roads with a weak compressor that does not cool the air.

Apart from comfort and luxurious feel, driving a car in Dubai without AC can cause heatstroke. The weather is exceptionally hot here, and that requires the AC system that works perfectly fine. Car AC compressor repair or AC compressor replacement or maintenance can save your day in Dubai.

Reasons why Car AC is not cooling

At iTyreCare, we offer professional car AC repair and car AC compressor replacement services in Dubai. Whether you need simple car AC checkup or want to resolve the week compressor issue, iTyreCare car AC specialists know how to make your AC just link new. Generally, car owners don’t know what’s causing trouble for the AC cooling. So, here are some common issues that generally interrupt the car AC cooling:

• Leaking Refrigerator

• Blocked condenser

• Broken or damaged condenser

• Electrical issues

• leakage in compressor

• The cooling fan is not working

What is the possible solution?

Apart from the given AC problems, there are many other things that can go with the mechanical working of the car. Don’t fall in the trap of any typical AC shop as all is not lost. Instead of replacing the whole car AC system, iTyreCare car AC compressor specialists can make things work with repairing.

Most of the car AC services are relatively cheaper if done by the specialists. We have the right car AC repairing tools and the expertise to offer the best car AC repairing and compressor replacement services.

Car AC Compressor Repairing Dubai

The compressor is the most important component of the car AC that keeps the cold air flow running all the time. If the car compressor goes bad, the air won’t circulate in the AC pipeline, and you won’t get cool air. In short, car AC cannot perform without a perfectly fine car compressor.

The car compressor may not function as your command if the car has not been in use for a long time. The continuous use without car compressor maintenance also does the same. The system keeps dropping the AC performance, and you will feel the heat even with the AC running.

How do we repair Car AC Compressor?

Our aim is to offer a comfortable driving experience for every car owner in Dubai. From the best car tyres to compressor repairing, we are the professional that you can trust. If you want to avoid these problems at all, don’t keep your car AC idle even in spring or winter. Even if you don’t need the AC, you should keep it running for at least 15 minutes every few days.

Car Compressor Troubleshooting

Before repairing or replacing any component of the car, we thoroughly examine the whole system. We don’t believe in the hit and trial method. Our car compressor repairing team is equipped with the advance car AC repair diagnostic tools. We spend a great amount of time locating the real issue so that you get the best car AC compressor repairing or replacement services in Dubai.

Car Compressor Repairing

Once we have located the issue, we start the repairing process. Our team is equipped with the latest car AC repairing tools to offer precise solutions at most affordable rates. From mechanical issues to the electrical issues, we can resolve every issue regarding the car compressor repairing or its replacement.

We understand the working of the ACs of all car companies. From luxury cars like:MASERATI, PORCHE, BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI ect to daily commute cars, LIKE: LEXUS, NISSAN, FORD, TOYOTA and MITSUBISHI we offer car AC repairing and compressor replacement services in Dubai for all cars. We add lubricants to the car AC systems and also take care of the mechanical performance. Our regular car compressor repairs also ensure the possible AC failures.

Guaranteed Car AC Performance

Car AC technicians at iTyreCare Al Quoz offer the best condenser and compressor replacement services in Dubai. We ensure that you leave our workshop with perfectly fine AC that is cool enough to beat the heat. Our repaired car AC compressors work just like new. We offer the exact same cooling out of your compressor that you desire.

Car AC and Compressor Repairing Services

At iTyreCare, our technicians are the professional of the car repairing field. We offer a wide range of car AC compressors and repairing and maintenance services in Dubai. We provide safe and affordable car compressor maintenance services at the most affordable rates. We only use genuine and original car AC parts for compressor repairing and replacement.

Where to get Car Compressor Repairing Dubai?

Finding a trusted shop in Dubai for car compressor repairing or replacement is just one call away. Our team of professional technicians is ready to deal with any kind of car compressor repairing and replacement services in Dubai. At iTyreCare, we offer the following car AC maintenance and repair services:

• Car AC performance diagnostic

• Refrigerant leakage checkup

• AC fitting check

• AC accessories repair

• Car AC compressor repairing and replacement

• Compressor gas refilling


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