Car Air Conditioner Disinfectant Services In Dubai Uae

Car Air Conditioner Disinfectant Services in Dubai UAE

During the pandemic, car sanitization service has become more important than ever. If you have not disinfected your car since the pandemic outbreak in Dubai and the whole world, this may pose health issues for you and your family. Healthcare stakeholders are also encouraging car owners to get car disinfectant services in Dubai. You might be thinking about car disinfectant spray, but it is guaranteed that you cannot the desired accuracy and precision without the right car sanitization tools.

At iTyreCare Al Quoz Dubai, we are not famous health services providers, but we care for your health. We have car odor removal experts who can remove any kind of germs, pathogens, and infectious particles from every corner and spot of your car.

Car Sanitization and Disinfection Experts

Removing pathogens and bad smell vapors from the car interior require experience and the right cleaning tools. Car bad smell removal experts have now introduced car disinfection and sanitization services with safe and effective germ-killing sprays.

A simple wash will not remove the odor and kill the germs. Detailed car sterilization and disinfections services will ensure that your car smells fresh, just like new.

Car Bad Smell Removal Dubai

Interior cleaning and odor removal are as important as exterior cleaning. You spend most of your time in your car, so a stinky environment will take away the charm and comfort of driving. If your car is stinking and nothing is working as the solution, visit us, and we will remove the car’s interior bad smell with a detailed cleaning with odor remover spray and products.

Getting Rid of Cigarette Smell

If you are not a smoker, cigarette smell is the worst thing your nose will ever experience. Cigarette smell not only makes you uncomfortable, but continuous exposure might cause health issues. Most of the car owners don’t allow smoking in the car, but friends still do. If you are also one of those irritated individuals and want to remove cigarette smell from the car interior, let us remove the cigarette smell and odor from the car interior. Our cigarette smell removal sprays are effective and useful for every kind of stinking car.

My Car Stinks Bad

This is the most common issue with the changing weather. The increased amount of moisture in the air traps the air vapors in the car that are absorbed by the fabric of the interior. As fresh air does not dry the vapors, the car starts stinking after a few days. Air fresheners and car odor remover sprays don’t work in such situations.

With fogging machines, the iTyreCare car bad smell removal team will clean and sanitize your car’s interior and every corner and component. The detailed solution to a stinky car interior will take care of bad odor, cigarette smell, pathogens, germs, infectious particles, and dust in the car interior.

Car AC Smells Bad

When you turn on your car after a long time, did you notice the irritating bad smell from the AC ducts? This is common when car AC is not used for a long time. In Dubai, the use of AC is a must, so you cannot even imagine driving your car with car AC smelling bad.

If a simple car AC duct cleaning process did not solve the issue, we would ensure to check the AC pipes and compressor for the possible issue. Once the car AC ducts are cleaned with car AC smell remover sprays, we will ensure the same issue does not happen again.

Why My Car Smells Bad?

Most of our clients visit us for car bad smell removal services in Dubai, and they want to know the root cause of the stinking car interior. Our experts have experience and the right tools to deal with car bad-smelling interior and detect the root cause of the odor. Our car interior disinfection services have the highest satisfaction rate in Dubai. If you want our car interior bad smell or cigarette smell removal services but don’t know why it happened, here are some possible reasons why your car smells bad: * • You did not get car detailing for a long time.

• Continuous smoking in the car has infused smoke in the car interior.
• Car AC has been inactive for a long time and now throws bad odor air.
• Car heater is over-burning
• There is water trapped inside the car carpets.
• Increased humidity in the car interior
• Older leather seats or moisturized fabric interior
• Water leakage or spilled liquid
• Changing weather conditions
• Pollutants and water vapors from an industrial area
• Leakage of any kind of fluid or chemical in the interior

Fresh Car Interior Service in Dubai

A clean and sanitized car interior not only keeps you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic but also adds to the aesthetic value of the car. Fresh interior is the dream of every car owner, and we ensure that your car is detailed with the right products and cleaning detergents.

Safe Car Interior Sanitization Services in Dubai

We know the value of your car; that’s why only safe and natural odor remover sprays and products are used at iTyreCare. With no damage to the car dashboard or leather items, we offer 100% safe car disinfection and sanitization services in Dubai. You can trust our professionals when it comes to your safety and smooth ride.

Try iTyreCare Car Odor Removal and Sanitization Services in Dubai

For Dubai car owners, iTyreCare is a complete treat for your car. From car interiors to every other repairing and maintenance service, we offer the highest quality standards in Al Quoz Dubai. Enjoy a fresh and healthy car interior environment and feel at home while riding with your family and friends.


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