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During regular car use, the engines store impurities such as dirt, metal particles, and carbon deposits. Over time, impurities mix with engine oil and create sludge. The engine oil sludge does not properly lubricant the car system, and the vehicle’s performance is down. The Engine flush helps to remove clogs and impurities such as dirt and metal particles during an old oil change.

Cleaning engine sludge is part of flushing and maintenance for your vehicle. In this process, we use a unique chemical solution to remove the impurities and clean the engine and oil passage paths. In this process, iTyreCare ensures the engine runs smoothly and works in optimal condition.

The overall health of your car depends on the engine. Clean your engine components and improve fuel efficiency by performing an engine flushing process monthly in Dubai. This method not only improves the efficiency but also extends its lifespan. It also prevents the engine from damaging internal components due to contaminated oil.

Why does the Car need Engine Oil Flush?

Vehicle maintenance ensures that the engine remains in top condition. Every 5000 km, the car needs fresh oil, but few people understand that engine oil flushing is essential. Changing the motor oil may not be enough to maintain optimal performance and a longer life span.

During the flushing of the system, the cleaning agent removes deposits and sludge. In this process, we also clean the pistons and valves. Some contaminants are still present, even with regular oil changes. These impurities can also reduce engine performance, decrease power output, and increase wear on essential parts.

Flushing out old oil and replacing it with fresh lubricant and oil filters can reduce friction and heat. This process helps to maintain the proper oil levels for all vital components. It also reduces the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. So, book an appointment now at iTyreCare.

Why Choose Us?

We know that a fresh start for your car engine is essential for maintaining its optimal performance. That’s why we offer the best engine oil flush service in Dubai Al Quoz. Our team will check if the oil is draining from any part. Then, our workers remove the contaminants from the motor in 5-10 minutes.

During this process, we guarantee that new, fully synthetic motor oil runs throughout the system without any harmful impurities. We always use the Castrol engine oil, a fully synthetic product, to give a smooth ride on long and short trips.

Our technicians are highly knowledgeable, and you can freely talk with us. Our customer satisfaction is always our first priority. You can book an appointment by calling us at +971585198700.

We have branches in Dubai, Al Quoz, and Sharjah, UAE.

Yes, engine flushing is necessary before the Regular oil change.

Before getting an engine flush, ask a mechanic for advice. They can check your engine and tell you if a flush is necessary.

Some people believe it gives benefits, and some disagree with this because they think it can be harmful.

There are many different engine oil flushes on the Dubai Al Quoz market. The best is Liqui Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush.

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