Car Shock Absorber Repair Services

Car Shock Absorber Repair Services

Leaking shocks can make your ride bumpy and tiring. Most of us in UAE use our cars for our daily commute. Without performing a shock absorber, you will feel like riding a truck on a road full of bumps and holes. High-quality shock absorbers are the key to a smooth and pleasant ride. As soon as you start feeling that the Shock absorber is not working well and your ride is bumpy and uncomfortable, it’s time to get a car shock absorber repair.

UAE traffic flows at high speed, so your car must be ready to be on-road among the high-speed vehicles. High speed does not mean an uncomfortable and bumpy ride, but if it happens, your car’s suspension needs some work. We offer premium quality shock absorber repair service in Dubai, Sharjah..

Why is Car Absorber Repair Important?

Car shock absorber repair is important to keep your vehicle optimal performance high, safety, and comfortable driving. It is advised to have regular shock absorber inspection and repair service. These few things you will definitely feel.

  • Improved ride comfort
  • Better handling and stability:
  • Longer tire life
  • Reduce maintenance cost

Why Shock Absorber go bad?

There are many reasons for shock absorber to go bad or wear out by the time like;

Wear and tear:

With the time and usage shock absorber can wear out and the piston and cylinder inside the shock absorber can become damaged and reduce the quality of the performance.


If your vehicle exposed to water, salt, or other corrosive substances can cause the shock absorber metal to corrode that can lead to shock absorber leak or other issue.


If you car towing or carrying heavy loads that can put additional strain on the shock absorber that can wear out more quickly.

Rough road conditions:

Rough road, uneven roads can put more pressure on shock absorber and lead them to repair and maintenance.

Lack of maintenance:

If you ignoring your vehicle maintenance or missing shock absorber inspection that will cause major shock absorber repair service.

Cars need Timely Shock Absorber Repair Service.

When did you last visit an auto repair shop for car shock absorber repair service? Most probably, you have not checked your car for any shock leaking. Car owners take shock absorbers for granted and only realize their importance when they start leaking. If you have doubts that something is wrong with your and feeling bumpy, visit iTyreCare Dubai, Sharjah immediately in case of following issues.

  • Steering pulling to one side
  • Tyre treads are uneven.
  • Noise on bumps
  • Continuous noise even on smoother roads
  • The late response of breaks
  • Less control over steering

 Shock Absorber Repair Services.

A smooth ride is ensured using shock absorbers in a vehicle’s suspension system. The performance and safety of your car can be maintained with the proper maintenance of shock absorbers. iTyreCare offers wide range Shock Absorber repair and maintenance such as:

  • Hydraulic oil top up.
  • Hydraulic pipe’s inspection
  • Air pipe’s inspection
  • Air compressor checkup and repair
  • Broken bushes replacement
  • Bent or broken arms

Contact  iTyreCare for Complete Shock Absorber Repair Service.

A smooth and relaxing ride is waiting for you. You need to book an appointment with iTyreCare car repair service center In Dubai, Sharjah. We are not a typical auto workshop but a trusted brand for complete Shock Absorber Repair Services.


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