Choosing The Right 4X4 Tyres For Your 4Wd In Dubai Uae


At iTyreCare Dubai UAE, we have a tendency to area unit all concerning asking the proper inquiries to guide you into the simplest 4 wheel drive tyre to suit the conditions you drive in, and therefore the expectations you want from the tyres you decide on. everybody uses their 4 wheel drive (4 Wheel Drive) for numerous conditions, therefore it’s necessary you invest within the right tyre whole and pattern to satisfy your expectations.

We offer a large vary of 4WD/SUV tyres as well as All-Terrain (A/T) Tyres, Mud-Terrain (M/T) Tyres and Highway-Terrain (H/T) Tyres. we’ll advocate a tyre that meets your expectations and most accurately fits the conditions you drive in.


The most fashionable tyre pattern we have a tendency to sell in our store thanks to the desert mode and having the wadis and a few nice country 4 wheel drive off road tracks on our doorsill. The A/T tyres have return a protracted approach within the past few years find an excellent balance between five hundredth on road and five hundredth off road. The A/T tyre suits a driver that pay getting ready to [*fr1] the year in off road conditions. Most drivers that do around half-hour off road, however, tend to settle on the A/T over the H/T as a result of they’re willing to sacrifice on road noise to achieve that further performance once they do venture cross-country.


The second {most popular|hottest|most we have a tendency toll liked|preferred|most well-liked} tyre pattern we sell is that the Highway-Terrain. This tyre is appropriate for the driving force that uses the automobile predominately on the road. This tyre delivers a quiet ride with a closed tread pattern and compacted shoulder and tread style to minimise road noise. Generally, the H/T tyres can perform within the sand quite well.


The Mud-Terrain is for the distinctive 4 wheel drive enthusiast that solely tackles the off road tracks. The aggressive open tread pattern provides excellent traction in muddy conditions thanks to the tread patterns being specifically designed for harsh cross-country conditions. once these tyres area unit designed, on road handling doesn’t play a region within the advantages and options. once a client asks for associate degree M/T specifically, you recognize they love an honest off road track. .

We don’t seem to be aligned with any makers. we have a tendency to sell tyres that we’ve seen in person meet customers’ expectations, and delivered on performance. This has worked well for UAE as we discover that customers area unit happy at hand over their keys and evoke the precise same tyre to be fitted once more. Our biggest sellers within the 4 wheel drive vary are Pirelli ATR, Toyo AT2, BFG KO2, BFG KM2, Dunlop SPRGS,Hankook RT03, Hankook RF10, Nexen AT professional, Nexen Roadian RH5, Falken H/T. All of those brands have established nice price for cash and glorious performance in their class across a large vary to suit customers’ budgets.


iTyreCare Dubai Provide All our tyre costs embrace fitting, balance, new valve and tyre disposal. we have a tendency to usually want the automobile for roughly one hr – 1.5hrs.


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