Say No To Second Hand Or Used Tyres | Ityrecare Duabi Al Quoz

Say No To Second Hand or Used Tyres | iTyreCare Duabi Al Quoz

 Tires available in Dubai at a very reasonable price and ensures safety when driving even during rains or extreme heat. Secondhand/Used tires though look cheap and easy to buy, but their feedbacks are always knocking and shocking. 

Tires play a vital role in the vehicles and as such it is very essential that the general condition of the tires should be outclassed.  Therefore, you need to give due importance in replacing the existing tires with new ones, but before they get dangerous.   Similarly, you should prefer buying new tries instead of going for the secondhand/used to avoid the likely risks involved as iTyreCare Dubai never recommends for buying the low quality or used & worn out tires.  New tires can easily handle wet and dry situations even during vehicles’ high speed besides giving good mileage and live long. At iTyreCare Dubai Al Quoz you can buy premium quality tyres on very reasonable prices with expert installation.

Thus, depending on the used & secondhand tires is to play with human lives, even your life is under risk whenever you drive your vehicle with such tires. Some dealers persuade the customers to buy the old, secondhand, used or  reconditioned (different names to sell the worn out & redundant tires) and save money, but iTyreCare Dubai never does.  Condemnation by the first owner is a stamp that these tires are risky. According to some experts, you should stop using the tires when their tread depth reaches at 3mm, however, some people support the use till 1.6 mm tread depth. 

  • Why Secondhand Tires? 

Prima facie, the secondhand tires are not recommended and should not be bought. Tire gutter’s depth is 8mm which keeping reducing as a result of continuous driving and when it reaches at 3 mm, the tyres become highly dangerous. It is, thus, unsafe & illegal to drive the vehicle with 3 mm tires. Let’s see the iTyreCare Dubai table below showing different states of the tires to create awareness among our audiences: 

Sr. #

Tread Depth Description







Very good






50% worn out                                  ( workable)



65% worn out( can be used)


3 mm

80% worn out( plan replacing)



95 % worn out( highly risky)



Stop using & buy new tire

It is the matter of fact that the new tires have more earth gravity and tread depths which enables you to stop the speedy vehicle controllably & instantly without any problem. However, as soon as the depths get shallower due to continuous use, the vehicle will take more time to stop. It is pertinent to point out that when it is raining or Gulf heat and you have a car or any other type of vehicle, it would become a headache for you to drive safely.  So, better visit iTyreCare Dubai and buy new tires for your vehicle at the best price. 

  • What is the Right Solution 

After a longtime struggle, iTyreCare Dubai has reached at the conclusion that there is no alternative of new tires, therefore, don’t try to go for any shortcut like buying secondhand tires just to save a couple of bucks, but buy brand new  tires. Keep it in your mind that you are not alone, if you are a commercial driver you are giving service to the public at large otherwise your family is with you and their lives are in your hands. Better buy tires of a renowned company like “Bridgestone” also available online with iTyreCare Dubai It is the right time to visit a variety of the tires, select and place an order today to buy new & genuine tires at reasonable price. Secondhand or the bald tires can be fatal when the road is wet or extreme hot and the tires’ trenches are not deep enough. Inches is the yardstick to measure the tread wear which is 1/32 –inch increment. Thus, if the tires are 2/32 inches, these will work during normal circumstances, but not in extreme weather or wet roads. 


In nutshell, iTyreCare Dubai advises you professionally that you must keep it in mind that the secondhand tires are not reliable and tantamount to put your life in extreme danger.  Especially driving with hot weather & worn tires affects the vehicle’s brakes’ function adversely which is most probably the low pressure of tire blowouts. 



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