Top 10 Best Tyre Brands In Dubai
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Tires are a necessity for vehicular movement as the vehicle is useless without the tires to enable movement. The role of the tire can be likened to the function the legs perform in the human body part, as such the body parts of a vehicle are not complete without the tires. Choosing tires for the car is not an easy task for most motorists in Dubai because there are many brands of tires in the market. In addition, they have to consider many factors which include the relative popularity of each brand, quality of tire and durability, road traction, fuel efficiency, and price. This is the reason we have put together this top 10 best tyre brands in Dubai guide for you to read and decide for yourself.

More so, when it comes to tires, the Dubai continent is one of the fastest growing markets for the global tire industry.
Due to the rise of demand for Tires in Dubai, it’s no new observation of the strong competition between major tire manufacturing powerhouses from across the world with having a single aim in mind, which is to dominate the market.
Traditionally, European tire manufacturers had a monopoly over the Dubai markets and many European brands were top-selling tire brands in many UAE markets.

However, in the modern era, the Europeans have lost that firm grip not just in Dubai, but in the world at large to various Asian brands. Asian tires are gaining popularity but with more dominance on the low-end market and one can only wonder on when they’d climb up the pinnacle and rub shoulders with the major brands. Dubai isn’t left out of this race with having homegrown brands such as Al Dobowi Tyres which have successfully made it into Europe, Asia, and Africa respectively. Another brand worth noting also is the Zafco trading with their Zeetex tyres brand.

The leading tire brands in Dubai are the popular tire giants such as Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and others like Kenda, Marshal, Firestone, Kumho e.t.c. However, we at iTyreCare have done a thorough research and comprised a list of what we believe are the best tires to purchase. Read on to see our list of the top 10 tire brands in Dubai.
The Top Ten best Tyre brands are:

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Yokohama
  • Pirelli
  • Codoper
  • Kenda
  • Hankook

Let’s check some of these top Tire brands out!

1. Michelin Tyres

Michelin is a world-leading Tire company that is represented by the Central Trading Company in Dubai and the Northern Emirates since 1984. The Tire brand is the one-stop shop for Passenger Car Tires, Light Truck/truck tires, Motorcycles tires, Suv/offRoad, and 4×4 Tires, and Specialty Tires with a dealer strength of over 300 outlets in Dubai. Some of its specialty tires include the Michelin Pilot Sport 2, Michelin Pilot Sport 3, Michelin Primacy HP, and the Michelin EnergyTM XM2. In all, the Michelin Tires save you money and care for the environment, without compromising safety. Read, learn more and buy Michelin tires here.

2. Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company have always taken care to ensure the best quality of their tires. The brand has especially focused on improving their technology of tire production, using the newest achievements of science to ensure the safe driving of car users. Actually, the cost for Goodyear tires in Dubai is not cheap but this is one of the best tire brands that you can completely rely on. Read, learn more and buy Goodyear tires here.

3. Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop has produced a number of ground-breaking models of tires and it even designs some tire models for the future. This is why Dunlop is a great tire brand suitable to serve every buyer, every car, and every driving condition in Dubai.
Dunlop is one of the top brands supplying different types of tires including light Trucks as well as SUVs/ 4×4/ OffRoad and Run-flat tires according to customer needs, safety, and satisfaction in Dubai and all over UAE. Read, learn more and buy Dunlop tires here.

4. Continental Tyres

Continental is a leading supplier in the automotive industry and has been on the market for over 100 years. It is also the official partner of the United Arab Emirates for Tyres. The brand is known for designing cutting-edge intelligent technologies for connectivity and transportation. All Continental tires have a warranty so you can be safe. The prices for Continental tires in Dubai are not low but it is a completely worthy investment for your vehicle. Read, learn more and buy Continential tyres here.

5. Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is considered the best brand that provides top-quality tires for Dubai roads. The tires of Bridgestone can meet every demand of drivers. These products are said to enhance road traction, mileage, and fuel efficiency. Read, learn more and buy Bridgestone tyres here.

6. Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is a premium tire with about 140 years of experience in the tire industry. This Italian brand is notable for innovative rubber tires with quality, performance, and safety. It’s a popular choice for high-end car brands as well. The Pirelli tires in Dubai meet the demands of the driver and terrain. It is also the most preferable in Dubai because it is eco-friendly, best for all conditions, and offers better performance. Read, learn more and buy Pirelli tyres here.

7. Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand in Dubai. The company has built up prestige over time for value at reduced prices. They offer products that suit demands with sales reaching pinnacle heights such that the company lay claim as the 7th biggest tire manufacturer in the world. It is also one durable tire brand suitable for the Dubai terrain. Learn more about Yokohama tyres to Contact us to buy.

8. Cooper Tyres

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is another brand you should really consider based on what quality you are in need of. This American brand specializes in tires for both automobiles and trucks. With the slogan “The tire with two names”… the company has a line of brands under its portfolio that offer excellent products that meet the needs of the everyday driver at a competitive price. The global copper company network also has a number of brands under its umbrella such as Dick Cepek, Mickey Thompson, and Avon tires, just to say a few. Fair to say if you want accountability and a brand that’s well experienced. Then cooper is for you. Head over to Cooper Tyres page to read more or Contact us to buy now.

9. Hankook Tyres

With availability in over 180 countries, Hankook can be seen as a resurgent brand on the rise all thanks to their quality products. Hankook is a Korean based tire company established in 1941. They were formally known as Chosun Tire company with the name change occurring in 1953. With a global reputation for producing not only racing tires but also tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses, Hankook has built up a prestige that can be easily observed with the partnership with international brands such as Benz, Audi, and BMW just to state a few. With an annual production capacity of 50 million tires, Hankook is a brand you should really consider if you want very durable tires without worrying later. To buy Contact us or read more about Hankook tyres

10. Firestone Tyres

Firestone takes the final position on our chart. Life needs exploration and with Firestone, you are guaranteed the best tires that would bring succor when traveling. Firestone does not only offer automobile tires but with the Firestone MT2, you have the best companion for your truck or SUV off-roading. The MT2 tires guarantee you much-needed traction whether threading through dry or wet grounds and is a testament to what Firestone is capable of. Read more about Firestone tyres or buy now by contacting us.

Tyre Buying guide

Nevertheless, judging the quality of a tire is not an easy task. In view of the fact that not even the poshest, most expensive vehicle can actually move without a decent set of tires, selecting the best tire is an important task for every motorist. Tires play a major role in fuel consumption, ride comfort, and various other important aspects so it’s best to go for notable brands when looking to make any purchase.
There are a few factors you should always keep in mind when purchasing tires.

Tire age

The age of the tire should be of primary concern before making any purchase. In Dubai, tires age a lot faster than they would in cooler places as the extreme temperatures here cause the rubber in the tire to crack. One rule of thumb is to never purchase tires that have crossed the five years age barrier.
This factor is so important that the UAE has a consumer protection law against the sale of such tires.
It is worth noting that you can easily check the date of production of your tires by simply looking at the sidewall of the tire. There should be a code present there which should consist of letters and numbers, this code is referred to as the DOT code, with the last four digits revealing the date of manufacture in week/Year format. For example, a tire with a code ending in 0914 was manufactured in March 2014.

Tyre Change variant

Whether you are buying one tire or a complete set of tires, it is important for all four tires to be as identical as possible to make the vehicle easier to maneuver. It is preferable you buy tires of the same brand or tires with related sizes, speed rating, and load index. You should ensure these specifications should also meet the ride comfort and safety of your vehicle.

Tyre Load Capacity

The load capacity is another fact that should be looked into when purchasing tires for any vehicle. This like the production date is also made available but with this being a numerical code, present at the end of the tire specification. It specifies the maximum weight that can be supported by the tire.
Normally, tires rated as S and T are used for passenger cars while U and H for performance vehicles. For ultra-high performance cars like Bugatti’s and Lamborghinis that are seen frequently on Dubai roads, V, W and Y rated tires can be used.

Buy the best tyre brand in Dubai (Conclusion)

Though rains are rarely seen in Dubai or UAE in general but we have seen some rains off late, it is better to be on the side of caution and purchase all-season tires rather than summer tires as summer tires only function effectively during dry conditions. Summer tires offer less grip and in the advent of rainfall, you might have yourself an issue with the care likely to skid on the surface. One in all, we at iTyreCare with our years of experience and professionalism can advise you accordingly and produce any choice you might have on request. Contact us now if you are ready to buy tires or if you need further guidance, our customer specialists can give you further insights in deciding and buying the best tire brand for your car.


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