Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Replacement In Dubai

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Replacement in Dubai

The stability and traction of your drive depend upon the tyre quality. Tires take the most beating because the car’s connection with the ground is totally through the tyres. Quality tyres for your car don’t mean you don’t need to take care of regular maintenance like tyre pressure monitoring and wheel balancing and alignment. If not taken care of, even the premium quality tyres can also take damage on Dubai roads.

When it comes to tyre maintenance and service, you don’t need to worry about a lot except the tyre pressure. Manually monitoring tyre pressure may be a hectic task as either you will have to check the tyres before every tour or you will have to visit the nearest tyre shop. The smart solution to this problem is the technology known as TPMS. Tyre pressure monitoring system is an intelligent device that is installed in the tyres and communicated with the internal infotainment system of the car. In most of the latest cars, tyre pressure monitoring system is pre-installed in the cars. There are no external hardware installations required for the cars with built-in TPMS.

What is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

Most car drivers don’t pay much attention to the tyre pressure. You may not realize but accurate tyre pressure plays a great role in the stability and smooth drive of the car. Tyre pressure more than or less than the recommended levels will cause different issues like less shock resistance and poor road-grip. TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system is the smart solution in cars as the system will inform you about the tyre pressure levels and any malfunction related to the tyre pressure.

When the TPMS sensor detects any anomaly with the tyres and the pressure within the tyres, you will see a TPMS warning sign in the dashboard display of the car. In the whole system, the internal computer of the car communicates with the tyre pressure monitoring system sensors in the tyres. If your car is showing tyre pressure light on, you need to refill the tyres to the recommended PSI or air pressure. TPMS light on is not always about the tyre pressure warning, here are some other possible reasons that might turn the tyre pressure monitoring system light on:

• Extreme tyre wear

• Poor traction control

• More fuel consumption due to the poor performance of the tires

• Decreased towing capability of the car

• Increased risks of tyre blowout

The tyre pressure monitoring system sensor may show different faults as per the factory settings. But most of the cars with built-in tyre pressure monitoring systems indicated these issues as mentioned above. Remember that over-inflating of the tyres is as bad as tyres with low pressure. You can find the recommended PSI for all tyres in the user manual of the car.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Sensor

TPMS communicated with the car with the help of different sensors that measure the pressure in the tyres. Built-in tyre pressure monitoring systems don’t experience regular failures except for the tyre pressure sensor fault. Due to many reasons, the TPMS sensor may start showing wrong readings and constantly turn on the tyre pressure warning sign. For the effective and accurate working of the car, the tyre pressure sensor must be functional or you may risk your own safety due to a faulty tyre pressure monitoring system sensor in Dubai.

Tyre pressure sensor fault is a common issue with many cars and needs immediate attention. Not only the fuel average will be affected due to wrong tyre pressure management, but your tyre may also wear sooner than the expected lifespan.

Tyre Pressure Sensor Fault

Like any other accessory of the car, the TPMS sensor may also malfunction. Mostly tyre pressure monitoring system failure occurs due to faulty tyre pressure sensors. Constant TPMS light on means TPMS sensors has reached the end of their lifetime.

The sensors measure the pressure and PSI in the tyres and communicate with the car to showcase the readings and warning signs in the dashboard. The tyre pressure sensor is powered with batteries that may run out due to constant use.

In an ideal situation, tyre pressure sensors can last 5-7 years. The battery life may reduce with increased car usage. More signal transmission means tyre pressure monitoring system sensor batteries will be consumed more rapidly.

Another reason behind the tyre pressure monitoring system sensor failure is corrosion in the valves. For Toyota and different other brands, tyre pressure sensor replacement in Dubai is a common issue. The valve stem may breakdown and tyre runs flat within seconds. Tyre pressure sensor fault creates the exact problems that were supposed to be prevented with the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Replacement Dubai

Permanent TPMS light on will make it hard to monitor the exact tyre pressure. Sooner or later, tyre pressure sensor replacement is the only viable solution to the problems. Instead of waiting for the final failure of the complete tyre pressure monitoring system failure in Dubai, get sensor replacement for TPMS, and avoid possible damage and accidents.

With the failure of TPMS, the tyre pressure warning lights will turn on and you will be displayed the TPMS warning sign. It means you need tyre pressure sensor replacement as soon as possible. You don’t need to replace the whole tyre pressure monitoring system but only the sensors.

Where to get TPMS Sensor Replacement?

As only the latest models have the tyre pressure monitoring system, not every car mechanic knows what TPMS warning sign is and how to take care of it. At iTyreCare Al Quoz Dubai, we offer the precise tyre pressure sensor replacement so you can drive safely with the recommended PSI and tyre pressure levels. As per the manufacturer’s guidelines, the sensor for the tyre pressure monitoring system should be replaced with the first set of the tyres. Most of the quality tyres need replacement after 3-4 years so replacing the TPMS sensor with the tyres is a good idea.

Even if the period is not over but the system is showing tyre pressure monitoring system warning sign, your car needs TPMS sensor replacement. The aim is to ensure the accurate monitoring of the tyre pressure so warning sign is the clear indication of sensor replacement for TPMS.

Tyre Pressure Sensor Replacement at iTyreCare Dubai

If the tyre pressure monitoring system light keeps coming, you need to visit iTyreCare Dubai for TPMS sensor replacement. We have the exact solution for tyre pressure sensor fault so that you don’t need to bear the cost of the complete tyre pressure monitoring system. For tyre pressure sensor replacement, iTyreCare has an experienced team of experts with OEM sensors for all makes and models.

Instead of just replacing the tyre pressure sensor, we offer complete car programming services. Our expert programmers make sure that TPMS sensor is effectively communicating with the car computer. We run different scenarios for the testing purpose of the tyre pressure monitoring system sensor. From low tyre pressure to other issues related to the tyres, the car’s TPMS will communicate each and every possible error with the system.

Accurate Results with Precise Sensor Replacement

There are hundreds of sensors in the latest cars and a typical car mechanic can make things even worse. The pressure monitoring sensor replacement service is provided by an experienced team of electricians and mechanics. In the end, all mechanical and electrical parts of the car and the tyre pressure monitoring system should work just fine as the newly installed TPMS. Advanced repair and replacement services are meant to increase the efficiency of the car and increase the life expectancy of the tyres. Here are some benefits of getting tyre pressure monitoring system sensor replaced by iTyreCare:

• Superior handling and traction control

• Tyres last longer with the right pressure and PSI

• Smooth drive and better shock absorbance

• Effective braking response

• Better tyre performance in all weather conditions

• Increased road grip on wet roads

Why TPMS Light is on?

Whenever you see a warning light on, it indicates that the specific feature of the car is malfunctioning. In the normal working of the tyre pressure monitoring system, the TPMS warning light indicates the low tyre pressure. If the light is still on even after you have refilled the pressure, there might be something wrong with the sensor of the tyre pressure monitoring system. At iTyreCare, we check the TPMS for every possible issue, including:

• TPMS sensor has corrosion

• TPMS batteries are dead

• Sensors are not communicating with the system

• After the tyre replacement, TPMS sensors were not properly programmed

Contact us for Tyre Pressure Sensor Replacement

Whether tyre pressure sensor batteries are dead or the sensor has met the expected lifespan, visit iTyreCare for premium services, and diagnose. In Dubai, iTyreCare is one of the renowned car garages for mechanical and electric work of all cars.


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