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The Cooper company was Founded in 1914 by brothers-in-law. John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart started this company in Akron, Ohio as a modest tyre repair shop. The Cooper uses new tyre technology and designs products that meet the requirements of the UAE. This company made Cooper All-Terrain tyres which are best for off-road in Dubai.

After this cooper tyres gained popularity among the off-road riders. These tires provide exceptional performance on all types of terrain with smooth handling. The Cooper company also introduces eco-friendly tyres. During production eco-friendly tyre reduces waste generation and lower carbon emissions.

Are you looking for high-quality Cooper off-road tires in UAE? You want to make your driving experience smoother on rough terrains in Dubai. You Do not know the right size for your car. Do not worry, iTyreCare is available for you.

We have all famous brands including Cooper Tire and are nearest to your home or workplace. By installing any branded tyre from us you will get free services.

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Why Choose Cooper Tyres?

There are so many branded tyres options on the market. It is difficult task to make a good decision. Cooper tyres should be on the top of your list. The Cooper company never compromise on the safety features.

Their tyre designed uses advanced technology and undergo through many testing’s so that tire perform well on dry and wet roads. This thing give the peace of the mind to driver of Dubai-UAE.

Additionally, when you choose Cooper Products, you also get benefit from their exceptional customer service and warranty programs. They give value to customer satisfaction and provide high quality products.

Buy Online Cooper Tire online in Dubai – UAE

When you want buy tires online in Dubai, UAE, one brand that have good performance is Cooper Tire. They have best durability and exceptional performance. This Company Products design to meet all challenges in the UAE. They use cutting-edge technology and features.

They give smooth traction and comfortable ride. iTyreCare, your one-stop shop for all your tire needs. We have wide range of branded products and tire. Whether you need all-season or high-performance tires for every type of vehicle including mini cooper and passenger car.

We have a team of experts always ready to assist you every step of the way. Our professional team will tell you that which product is best for your vehicle. Our friendly staff will care and do perfect work of your car.

We Offering Cooper tire Prices at 575 AED and with Free Services when purchase tyre from iTyreCare.

  1. Computerized wheel balancing
  2. Fitting of tyres
  3. Nitrogen air filling
  4. Old Tyres Disposal
  5. Rubber Valve Replacement

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