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The Hankook Company starts their journey over 70 years ago in South Korea. They started from small tyre manufacturer, Now they have become 7th largest tire companies in the world. The Hankook Tires has gained a reputation for producing high-performance tyres that deliver exceptional driving experience on the road. Whether you are driving through bustling city streets or tackling tough off-road terrain, Hankook Tyres will provide best performance

The Hankook Tyre was Established in South Korea in 1941. Initially, the company focused on producing bicycle tires before expanding to manufacture high-quality automobile tires. The Hankook’s achievements came in 1996 when it became the first Korean tire manufacturer to receive QS-9000 certification. This impressive certification set Hankook as the best provider of top-quality products at international standards.

The company invests in research to create unique tires for all vehicle types, including passenger cars and SUVs. The company uses advanced technology and provides high-quality tyres. This company’s tires offer safe, comfortable, and pleasant driving emotions.

The company actively pursues environmentally friendly initiatives by utilizing eco-friendly materials and implementing technologies that minimize carbon emissions during production. This dedication reflects Hankook’s understanding of preserving our planet while delivering top-tier performance on the road. So if you want to buy Hankook tyres online, visit iTyreCare. We offer competitive prices in Dubai and Sharjah.

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Installation of Tyres


Tyre puncture Repair


Nitrogen air Filling

Buy Hankook Tyres UAE, Dubai (Al Quoz) and Sharjah

If you want high-quality tyres in Dubai, Hankook tyre Malaysia is the best brand. They have a strong reputation for durability and performance. These tires provide the best gripping on the steering even if the car has high speed. They also reduce the rolling resistance and improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

There are many reasons the Drivers of Dubai and Sharjah love Hankook tech. The tire can be flat with extreme heat in Dubai and Sharjah on summer days. To prevent this, the Hankook company makes the tire with an inner liner that keeps high air pressure inside. The inner liner works as a tube and controls the air to come outside.

The tire cords with many layers make up their highly durable tires. They immediately absorb the internal air pressure, shock, and weight. This company offers a wide variety of tires. Below, we mention some popular authentic Hankook tyres.

  1. Dynapro HP2 RA33
  2. Vantra LT RA18
  3. Hankook 195 55 r16
  4. Hankook 195 65 r15
  5. Hankook ventus prime
  6.  Hankook ventus st 275 45r20
  7.  Hankook 215 55 r17 

Hankook Tyres Prices in Dubai, UAE

The competitive prices and high-quality tires to find can be a difficult task. We have many brands for different budgets that give you the best performance on dry and wet roads in Dubai. The Hankook is a famous tire brand in the Dubai, UAE region. Competitive pricing is the most essential factor that attracts customers to this brand.

Whether you have a passenger car, sedan, Light truck, or SUV, Hankook offers a wide variety at affordable prices. They provide all-season tires designed for everyday use to enhance the driving experience. Their specific design gives better handling and smooth traction on Dubai roads

if you are searching for Hankook tyres in Dubai, you should visit iTyreCare. We offer a wide range of Branded tires at affordable prices. Furthermore, we are offering free services, which includes:

  1. Computerized Wheel balancing
  2. Installation of Tyres
  3. Rubber Valve Replacement
  4. Old Tyres Disposal
  5. Nitrogen air filling

Our professional team will guide you and help you find the best car products. You can find us online by searching tyre shop or “tyre shop near me” on Google. You can call us at our toll-free number, 800 482, or Whatsapp at +971582934700.

Hankook tires are usually cheaper than other brands. But the cost can be changed based on the tire model, size, and where you buy them. If you buy from us, then the starting price is 275 AED.
Hankook and Michelin are well-known tire brands. Michelin is expensive, while Hankook is more affordable. Michelin tires are durable, perform well, and are safe.
These tires are good. They give the best performance and long life span. Experts and consumers think highly of Hankook tires.








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