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If you have a car, then you know the importance of pistons. It converts the fuel into the energy. But if your car piston ring wear and tear, then what happens? Do not worry iTyreCare covered you.

iTyreCare offers high-quality piston rings in Dubai (Al Quoz) and Sharjah that will help to maintain your vehicle. The ring piston in the combustion chamber seals the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall. It ensures that the combustion gases remain in the section where they can work with full power at a high temperature

The piston engine can bear extreme heat and pressure while maintaining a secure seal. The internal combustion engine’s temperatures can rise up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In this situation, the machine may worn down. Now a days, the new piston engine is designed using materials like cast iron or steel alloys.

When the piston moves, it minimizes the friction between moving parts, and the vehicle runs smoothly. It also prevents the lubricating oil from passing into the combustion chamber and reduces oil consumption to improve fuel efficiency.

Why Piston Rings are important in Car Engines

The rings are the grooves in the piston; they have petite sizes but play an essential role in the engine’s performance. It is joined with the rod and piston up and down within the cylinder. These compression rings seal off combustion chambers and prevent fuel leakage.

They slide against the cylinder wall and create a fine layer of oil film that lubricates and cools down the system. The compression ring has another name, which is the top ring. It runs at high temperature because it is close to chambers. The lower end rings operate at the low temperature and controls the oil amount.

Signs That a Car Engine Need Repair Service

The engine is the heart of every vehicle; in this, the pistons are used, and they are also called reciprocating engines. They convert pressure into the rotational motion and give power to the vehicle. Below are some signs that tell your car engine is good or needs repair or replacement service in Dubai Al Quoz.

Smoke Color

The damaged engine produces excessive smoke of different colors from car exhaust. If the color of the smoke is white, it is a sign of a coolant leak. If the blue or gray smoke indicates burning oil and issues with piston rings or valve seals.


The damaged or broken rings produced knocking, tapping, or loud metallic sounds. These are the signs of worn-out or loose parts. Take these issues seriously because they can break bearings, rings, or the overall engine.

Power Loss

When the pistons are not working correctly, they can not generate full power. It also decreases the race power. These issues can cause misfiring, fuel system, and spark plug problems. Come to iTyreCare Dubai Al Quoz and Sharjah for expert repair services

Why Choose Us?

Finding the best car repair services in Dubai and Sharjah takes time and effort. That’s why iTyreCare is here. We have many years of experience in this industry and expert technicians. We built a reputation for delivering exceptional services in Dubai, Al Quoz, and Sharjah.

iTyreCare never compromises on customer satisfaction. Our skilled workers provide services in minimal downtime to our lovely customers. We always use high-quality and genuine spare parts.

You can book an appointment by calling us on our WhatsApp: +97158293700. Our customers can also contact us on our Toll-Free number, 800-482

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