Car Suspension Repair And Service In Dubai, Sharjah

Car Suspension Repair and Service in Dubai, Sharjah

Car suspension repair in Dubai or Sharjah is one of the common car repair services in UAE. Over time or as a result of some accident, your car can develop suspension-related problems. We generally see this problem in all kinds of vehicles.

However, the problems are more evident in some specific car brands over the rest of the others. For example, if you are looking for Volkswagon suspension repair in Dubai, Audi suspension repair in Dubai, or Land Rover suspension repair in Dubai, then read on through the article to understand various suspension-related problems and their possible solutions. For a few vehicles, it’s possible to tell, based on sensors, that you have some issue with the suspension. For others, you need an expert like iTyreCare‘s input to determine the cause.

Common Signs of Suspension Issues

Suppose you are experiencing awkward bumps and noises while going through bumps or speed breakers. In that case, it’s probably time for suspension repair. Here are some common signs that there is something wrong with your car’s suspension system:

1. Alignment issues or the car pulls to a side

If you have performed wheel alignment and balancing, but the vehicle pulls to one side, your car suspension shocks or springs have broken. The suspension system keeps all the tires precisely aligned for better control on the road. Driving becomes a real challenge as the suspension fails or shock absorbers break.

2. Uneven and Bumpy Ride

If your ride is not smooth or you feel you have an extra jump on any bumps, this could be a sign you have a problem like suspension. The smooth driving experience is one of the significant roles of suspension systems, along with traction control. You must repair the car suspension if it is not absorbing minor bumps and speed breakers.

3. Tilted Car Body

Suspension springs keep your car in proper balance. If the vehicle tilts to one side, the suspension shocks are broken or damaged on that side. You will feel a pull to the broken side, and the car will keep turning in that direction. It is the most apparent sign of suspension system failure.

4. Unable to control the steering wheel

You will significantly struggle to steer when you drive at a slower speed. A damaged or broken suspension system can impact the steering system too. Poor steering control can lead to accidents.

5. Suspension Oil Leakage

Suspension oil leakage suggests broken seals or springs in the system. A visual check is necessary as you will detect the issue at the earliest stage. You can avoid further damage to your car if you can diagnose the root cause of oil leakage early.

How to Get Rid of Too Hard Suspension Issue?

Luxury cars come with state-of-the-art and soft suspension systems. The shock absorbers are sensitive to bumps and speed breakers, so you get a smooth and even ride. With time, the oil levels and components’ quality starts declining. You will realize that car suspension is too hard to absorb bumps and shocks at a certain point.

How to properly maintain the suspension system?

Here’s a list of tips to keep your car’s suspension system in good shape:

  • Perform car wheel alignment 
  • Maintain good Tire Pressure as it plays a massive role in a car’s tire life as well as overall car health.
  • Check Your Tyre condition regularly and replace it when required
  • Check the Power Steering Fluids and Belt
  • Frequent Suspension System Inspection.

How much time does it take to repair a car suspension?

It is a complicated repair that takes a minimum of a few hours to a day or two. However, once we have diagnosed the exact problem based on symptoms or car inspection, we’ll communicate how long the suspension repair will take. 

What is the cost of car suspension repair?

There can be various reasons why your car is not behaving well, and the cost is determined based on the actual cause behind the initial symptoms. The car’s make and model also determine how much it will cost you. For example, German spare parts are more expensive than Japanese in the UAE market. However, we always provide you with multiple options to choose from, e.g., original as well as after-market spare parts. 

How to get the car suspension system fixed?

iTyreCare is one of the best auto repair workshops, with branches in Dubai and Sharjah. Our mechanics have several years of experience dealing with all kinds of suspension problems; whether it is Japanese, American, or European vehicles, they are experts in fixing issues professionally. Our 4.9 Google reviews rating is a testimony of the same. We don’t charge for consultation or inspection, so visit our Dubai branch or Sharjah branch, whichever is closer to us, or call us now at one of (+971 55 309 5700 or +971 58 293 4700) for further information.


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