Car Brake Pads Replacement

Is there a weird noise coming from your car’s tyres while you are out on the road? Does your car take time to come to a halt after you have applied the brakes? Are the brake pedals vibrating when you press them? Is the nose of your vehicle pulling to one side only when you push the brake? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, it is time for you to get your car’s brake pads replaced!

To enjoy a smooth drive, your car’s braking system must be in perfect condition. Not only does an efficient auto braking system make driving enjoyable, but it is also crucial for road safety. When you start experiencing problems with the car’s brakes, you are putting yourself and others at risk.

What is Car Brake Pads Replacement?

The service refers to replacing the brakes of your car. The instant you apply brakes, your car should ideally stop. That’s what the brakes are for, right? However, sometimes that may not happen.

If your car’s brake system becomes faulty, you can get in serious trouble. Auto manufacturers set up two kinds of brakes on different passenger vehicles: drum and disc brakes. 

Two Kinds of Brakes

Disk brakes

Disc brakes utilize especially engineered pads manufactured from metallic, ceramic, and organic substances, and are also known as car ceramic brake pads. These friction materials create friction that slows down the respective vehicle. All modern passenger vehicles have disc brakes on the front axles as well as the rear axle.

Drum brakes

Drum brakes, on the contrary, do use friction material but it is attached to the half-crescent-shaped shoes tightly pressed on the drum’s inside. Once, drum brakes were quite commonly found on all four wheels. Over time now, they are found only on the rear axle in modern cars as well as light trucks.

Wear and Tear of Car Brake Pads and Shoes

With time and usage, the car brake pads and shoes wear down. It is essential to monitor this routine wear and tear to ensure the car drives fine. If the car brake pads or shoes completely wear out, they may damage the entire brake system including components such as drums or brake discs. 

Driving with worn-out brake pads and shoes creates safety hazards for you, the passengers in the car as well as the other cars and people on the road. Moreover, installing new car brake pads and shoes is a more hefty investment as compared to getting them inspected and repaired timely.

When To Get Car Brake Pads Replacement?

When you engage your car’s brakes, a tiny portion of the friction material on the brake pads and shoes gets worn off. With time, the friction material thins out. If you ignore getting car brake pads replacement, the friction material is likely to die out. Consequently, the steel pieces are exposed and injure the drums or discs if they touch them constantly.

To avoid such repercussions, it is best to get your car brake pads replacement in Dubai timely. Here are the signs you should observe to achieve the target.

Screeching or Squealing Noises

If your vehicle has wear indicators, you may hear a whining, squealing, or screeching sound when you engage the car brakes. A metal attachment on the brake pad causes this sound. It is installed particularly for the purpose of pointing out the wear and tear of brake pads. 

Having said that, all the brake pads don’t have this feature built-in. Hence, you shouldn’t depend on this sound only to evaluate the brake’s condition. An important thing you should know is that you may hear this screeching sound when applying brakes on a rainy, damp day. Brakes do give out such noises upon exposure to moisture. If the squeaky sound goes away after a couple of times you have used the brakes, there’s nothing to worry about.

Less Than 1/4th Inch of Brake Pad

If your vehicle has disc brakes, you can visually examine the brake pads. Look down at the caliper or brake assembly that holds the vehicle’s brake pads. You’ll see the brake pads flattened against the brake rotor. In case, the friction material is thinner than 1/4th inch which is around 7mm, get the brakes inspected. 

At iTyreCare, we have experts who conduct thorough car brake pads examination and repairs accordingly.

Deep Metallic Growling and Grinding

If your car gives off a low, deep noise similar to that of a rumbling growl, or metal grinding, it is a sign that the brake pads are worn out. The sound may also be indicative of the brake shoes or pads touching the drums or discs. This metal-on-metal contact is injurious to the braking system. Any time you hear your car making this sound, consider it a red flag and bring it straight to a trusted auto garage like iTyreCare Dubai to get car brake pad repair services.

Indicator Lights

Some vehicles come with a dashboard showing an indicator light that signals off when you need to get car brake pads replacement. Go through the car’s manual to find out whether or not your vehicle has a low-pad warning mechanism. If that light does blink, you must replace the brake pads along with the warning sensors. At iTyreCare, you get both of these services.

Vibration in the Brake Pads

Vibration in the brake pads

Vibration in the brake pads

Your vehicle’s braking system must be smooth and efficient. When you use the brakes, there must not be any sort of vibration and resistance. If you feel the brakes vibrating constantly, or feel them loose underneath your feet, it is a sign of weak brakes and needs to be replaced.

In addition, if your vehicle’s brake takes time to bring your car to a halt, you need to address the issue right away. Ideally, it is best to get car brake pads replacement when you have driven it for 10,000km to about 15,000km. That said, this also depends on the kind of roads you drive your vehicle on, as well as your driving style.

The ABS Signals

In some cars, the ABS (anti-locking braking system) sign signals a beep sound if your vehicle needs an emergency visit to the car garage. It is mostly in the case when the car’s brake booster or the master cylinder has an issue. 

In both scenarios, your vehicle can undergo a brake failure. To avoid such an unfortunate incident, get your car brake pad replacement timely. While you do that, consider getting car ac repair too so you have your ac up and running before it gets too hot.

iTyreCare service process

Let us walk you through the complete rear brake pads replacement for electric parking brakes.

  1. Our technicians connect your car to a diagnostic tool to see if it communicates well with the vehicle.
  2. The expert then releases the parking brake’s piston.
  3. Pistons are pushed followed by the removal of the brake calipers and wheels.
  4. Next, our experts change the brake pads, clean its hub and lubricate it effectively.
  5. The new brake pads are installed.
  6. This is followed by the reinstallation of the wheels and calipers.
  7. Your car returns to the ground.
  8. Our technicians then examine the brake pedal by pushing it several times until it hardens.
  9. They then re-engage the brake pedal with the car pistons using the diagnostic tool. The process takes a few seconds.
  10. Next, they calibrate the car pistons using a computerized tool.
  11. Once the calibration process completes, they test the parking brake function a couple of times to check if it functions effectively.

What is the cost for Car Brake Pads Replacement?

iTyreCare believes in truly serving its customers. Our goal is to make driving fun, comfortable and enjoyable for you, without hurting your wallet. In lieu of the economic recession the world experienced along with the harsh repercussions of Covid-19, we have kept all our car repair and maintenance services quite affordable. Currently, our car brake pads replacement cost is at 40% more economical rates than other car garages in Dubai.

Why Get Car Brake Pads Replacement from iTyreCare?

Here are all the reasons why you should get a car brake pads replacement from iTyreCare:

  • Qualified car technicians who examine the car braking system in detail using advanced equipment
  • Skilled technicians first try to fix the existing brakes before recommending installing new brakes
  • Complete brake disc skimming service is available
  • Disc polishing service is also provided in case the vehicle’s brakes are in good condition
  • Experts examine the dashboard cluster in-depth for any signs of issues
  • The replaced parts come with a one-year warranty
  • Our technicians examine the brake system for problems with the brake booster, or any master cylinder fault
  • We serve our customers till we achieve 100% satisfaction

You can trust on iTyreCare’s services to get your car’s brakes back to their full functional form 


  • When To Replace Disc Brake Pads Car?

    The cutting-edge braking systems such as ABS and EBD depend on the proper functioning of the vehicle’s brake discs. If you haven’t had your vehicle’s brakes checked and replaced in a long time, bring it to iTyreCare. Our technicians will inspect it in detail and recommend you the appropriate solution.

  • How to Know Car Brake Pads Need Replacing?

    When you notice the following issues in your car, get car brake replacement service from iTyreCare in Dubai:

    • Warning light signaling
    • Vibration in steering wheel
    • Brakes vibrating
    • Squealing noises
    • Car constantly pulling to one side
    • Visual signals shows car brakes need replacement
  • Is Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Discs Replacement the Same Thing?

    Car brake pads and discs are two parts of the braking system. Brake discs, manufactured of a sturdy material, are attached to the wheel, and they spins when the wheel spins. The car brakes, on the other hand, are static, and manufactured with a softer material as compared to the brake discs. Brake pads put pressure on the brake discs, and then the car stops. It is best to get an extensive inspection of your car’s braking system to identify whether you need car brake pad or car brake discs replacement.

  • Is Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Discs Replacement the Same Thing?

    It is always a wise move to have experts at iTyreCare inspect your car’s brake discs. You don’t need to replace them often as they last longer than the brake pads. That said, if the technician discovers an issue with the brake discs, replace them as soon as possible.

  • Should I Change Brake Pads with the Brake Discs?

    We do recommend changing brake pads along with car brake discs replacement. However, when you replace the brake pads, you do not always need new brake discs.

  • Where to Get Car Brake Pads Replacement Service in Dubai From?

    A general car mechanic is likely not to have top-notch brake discs, brake pads and other components for car brake pads replacement. To get excellent car brake pads and discs replacement in Dubai, visit us at iTyreCare. We have a decent body of loyal customers who rely solely on our car brake pads replacement services in Dubai.

  • Which is The Best Car Brake Pads Replacement Near Me?

    If you are searching for ‘car brake pad replacement near me’ in Dubai, you will come across iTyreCare. We are on Google, and you can visit us at 1 Al Manara Rd, Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.

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