Car Paint and Dent repair in Dubai

Car paint and dent repair services are quite demanding services in Dubai as it’s easy to get at least some scratches every now and then either in the parking lot or if some fateful day your car has been hit on the road.

From luxury to normal cars, car paint must be fresh as your car’s outlook is the most important aspect, especially from an exterior point of view. Even if you are too careful on the road, someone else’s mistake can damage your car’s body.

Bringing car paint back to its true colors requires professional car painting and denting repair services which can be a bit tricky to find in such a big market in UAE. If you are thinking about “car paint near me” or “car paint shop near me”, you are on the right page as iTyreCare provides exactly these services at affordable prices and great service quality.


The car body is meant to be scratch less, clean, and shiny. Nothing hurts more than scratch, dent, or ding on the car body as a car owner. Countless things can go wrong on roads, and car scratches are inevitable. Just like any other car repairing service, car scratch repair is a must-have service for Dubai cars.

Dubai roads are smooth yet prone to accidents. Hundreds of major and minor accidents cause dents and scratches on cars. Do the owners drive cars with a dented body? No, they make the wise call and hire iTyreCare for dent removal in Dubai.


The Internet is full of car denting repair tools and car painting kits that you can buy online. If you compare the prices of these car denting repair kits with the car denting repair cost in Dubai, you will see a huge difference. Why do you need the best car denting and painting service only? These DIY hacks and dent removal kits offer nothing except fake claims and more damage to the car body.

Car painting and denting services require experience and attention to the details. With the new cars on roads, car paints need advanced painting techniques. Typical car painting and spray paint services are not something that you want for your car.


Sooner or later, you will have to upgrade your car, and selling the old car will be a challenge with dents on the body. If you don’t want the dents and scratches to drop the car’s value, go for the best car dent removal services in Dubai.

At the iTyreCare Al Quoz dent removal section, our experienced painters and dent removal experts do the job with extreme care. After the dent removal job, you won’t distinguish the repair part from the original body. Even experts cannot detect the repaired part. Your car will stay in the original form without any traces of dent removal jobs.


Car paint service is expensive yet critical for any car with scratches or dents. If you compare the car denting and painting cost with the cost of new parts, the painting service is cheaper. Whether you want car paint service for any specific part like the bumper, door, and side mirror care or complete body paint, iTyreCare has a long-range of services.

Our car painting experts are best at their job and equipped with the latest tools and car painting kits. From paint selection to the original paint to get the job completed, every step is supervised by experts.


Accidents and unintentional driving mistakes are part of life on roads. We have restored several cars with major accidents. No matter how minor or major issues you face about car body paint, we can always deliver as per your expectations. Our services are meant for every car and vehicle that is available in the Dubai market.

From vintage to the latest luxury cars, our denting and painting services are the best in town. There is no better option than iTyreCare for car dent removal in Dubai. Our pain repair experts know the art of paint correction. If a small patch is damaged, we won’t drag you into paying for the complete paint job.

We not only offer the lowest car painting costs, but we also try to secure the real worth of your car. Precise and professional car painting services near you by iTyreCare must be on your speed dial for premium quality scratch and dent removal.


Time is money, and no one has time to wait for hours or even days to get the complete car paint job. Many shops specialize in specific car paint or dent removal services. In Dubai, iTyreCare is the only shop with a complete range of car denting and painting services.

Once you are at iTyreCare, it’s our responsibility from there to get everything done without disturbing your schedule. A complete car paint job in Dubai is a time-taking process, informing you about the car delivery once everything is ready. Here are some common car denting and painting services that we offer for Dubai cars:

• Car Bumper Repairing and Painting

Car Bumper Repairing and Painting

Car Bumper Repairing and Painting

A car bumper is the most vulnerable part of the car. You will break it more than once, and bumpers are meant to protect your car from serious damage. A car with a broken bumper looks pretty bad. So, we not only repair the broken bumper but also paint the repaired patches professionally. After car bumper repairing and painting service by iTyreCare, you won’t find any dent or scratch mark.

• Alloy Wheel Paint Repair

Alloy Wheel Paint Repair

Alloy Wheel Paint Repair

Alloy wheels add a lot to the overall appearance and looks of the car. The shine of the alloy rims makes your car a lot more attractive and graceful. On roads, alloy rims can break or get damaged. Instead of replacing the alloy rims, you can get the damaged part repaired and painted by iTyreCare.

We use recommended and safe alloy rim repairing methods so you can have the same reliable ride and new-like shine of alloy rims. Our alloy rim paint job is available for all colors and alloy rim styles.

• Mirror Cover Repair

Mirror Cover Repair

Mirror Cover Repair

Mirror cover bumps into different cars and walls a lot. Scratches or broken paint patches on the mirror cover have a bad impression and a strong negative impact on the overall paint details. This small mirror cover paint job can make your car look beautiful again.

• Full Body Car Painting

Full Body Car Painting

Full Body Car Painting

The best way to remove different scratches and marks on the car body is to go for a full-body car painting service by iTyreCare. We use the most advanced and accurate paints for the full body paint service. Every non-painted part is kept safe from any drop of paint or chemicals. Your car will be like a newly bought car after a complete paint job.

• Car Spray Paint

Car Spray Paint

Car Spray Paint

If a car’s paint is dull and lost shine, car spray paint is an inexpensive service by iTyreCare. Your car will be painted fresh with state of the art sprayers by experienced car painters. We offer car spray paint services for all car colors. Vintage cars are no exception at iTyreCare.


While choosing any workshop for car dent removal and car painting in Dubai, focus on the service quality instead of costs. If the paint job’s quality is not premium and flawless, then spending a single penny on paint repair is injustice.

Being the top car maintenance and repair shop in Dubai, we find it our obligation to offer you the best and premium services at affordable costs. We have in-house painting and denting repair experts, so no 3rd party services are included. By excluding additional costs of outside repairs, we have managed to offer the best car painting and denting services in Dubai at the most affordable rates.


Many minor things don’t affect the looks but bother the owner a lot. Imagine a single line of the sharp object by the kid on the door. This line may not be visible, but you won’t get peace until it is gone. Instead of painting the complete door, we customize the services and only repair the needed portion. Here are some other car paint services where iTyreCare offers you the best solutions:

• Paint damage at door handles

• Minor scratches and lines on the car body

• Scratches on the door lock due to key usage

• Small dents on the car due to road stones


If you are in Dubai, iTyreCare has your back for all car denting and painting services. You can easily find us on Google or visit us at our official site. Whenever your car needs paint or dent repair services near you, contact iTyreCare, and we will give you a transparent and free quote.

Best car paint repair experts are just a few taps away. Pick up your phone now and find the best car paint and dent repair shop near you in Dubai. In Dubai, iTyreCare has revolutionized the car detailing industry with premium quality services, and we hope to keep up the good work for our loving clients.

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