Car Engine Repair

Your Guide to Car Engine Repair in Dubai

Have you ever encountered engine failure on your way to a long drive, trip, or office? You are in a hurry and want to reach your destination fast, but your car’s failing engine has become a stumbling block for you.
Probably, you know a little bit about car engine repair, but that little knowledge is insufficient to bring your car engine back to working condition.
In that case, you must be looking for any car engine repair in Dubai to resolve your car engine issues as soon as possible.
Here is a complete guide to car engine repair in Dubai that will help you resurrect your car engine.

What Does Car Engine Repair Include?

Before getting started with any car engine repair services, it is important to have an understanding of the basics.

Engine Oil

Regular maintenance or oil change can keep your car engine in its best working position. It is necessary to check your engine oil at regular intervals as oil carbonizes over time and results in the accumulation of black sludge on valves and other metallic parts. This accumulated black sludge causes wear and tear of the engine. Another reason for your car engine damage may be low engine oil, for which it is suggested to check your car’s engine oil at least once a month and get car engine oil leak repair.
Besides checking your oil, car engine repair may include the maintenance of different engine parts that are working in a synchronized fashion to keep the engine running smoothly. You should keep checking the engine piston, crankshaft, bearings, rods, and cylinder.

Engine Parts

Over time, the piston rings of a car engine become worn or may break into pieces, resulting in oil leakage or crankshaft deterioration. The crankshaft converts the linear motion into rotary motion when piston rings move into the cylinder.
Bearing assists the crankshaft in allowing rotation during movement, and it needs enough oil supply to work properly. Insufficient oil may damage bearings, rods, or crankshaft that may lead to engine repairing or sometimes engine replacement. This is why your engine maintenance requires a periodic evaluation to avoid any serious damage to the car engine.

Car’s Air Filters

A car’s air filter is responsible for preventing any contaminant to get into the engine. Fuel requires air for the process of ignition as a result of which engine works.
The air filter needs to be replaced over time as grains of dust and debris get accumulated and ultimately may enter the engine that contaminates the fuel-air mixture. This contamination increases over time and results in the degradation and corrosion of car engines. Consequently, the fuel ignition is affected causing overconsumption and complete engine failure.

How Much Does Car Engine Repair Cost?

The car engine repair cost may depend on any one of the following key factors.

  • Size or origin of the engine.
  • Brand of your car. (you have to pay more for a luxury car)
  • Type of car or service you avail.
  • The urgency of service.
  • The reputation of the shop you choose to get service from.

Here is the list for car engine repair cost on average.

  • New engine price: AED 15000 (for four cylinders)
  • New engine price: AED20000 (for six cylinders)
  • New engine price: AED25000 (for eight cylinders)

When Do You Need Car Engine Repair?

Any collapse in the engine part can easily be observed and repaired. But delayed maintenance can lead you to a serious and long-term issue.
Here are some of the signs that you can observe and understand that you need to contact or consult any experienced mechanic to avoid engine failure.

Excessive Smoke Coming from Engine

Excessive Smoke Coming from Engine

Excessive Smoke Coming from Engine

Smoke emission is a typical sign that there is a problem with the car engine. When you observe an engine releasing smoke or steam, turn your engine off immediately and go for repair by an expert mechanic. Smoke releases from the engine usually as a result of overheating or a faulty coolant system. 

Knocking Sound Inside the Motor

Knocking Sound Inside the Motor

Knocking Sound Inside the Motor

You must have heard knocking sounds coming from your car engine. Overlooking such sounds won’t make them go away, but results in a blown engine. As soon as you hear such banging sounds, you should get your engine checked by a mechanic to resolve the issue.

There are many reasons behind these knocking sounds that may include carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber, overheated engine, faulty spark plugs, or low-quality fuel.


Car Overheating

Car Overheating

Overheating of a car engine is another sign that indicates you should approach the mechanic promptly. It is usually caused by blocked hoses from corrosion or mineral deposit and leakage of the cooling system. If your car engine gets overheated, do not drive any longer as it’s not safe for you and your car. 

Fluid Leakage

Fluid Leakage

Fluid Leakage

Fluid leaking from your car is engine oil. Though it’s not dangerous to drive with leaked fluid, it still can cause damage to your car engine. So it is recommended to consult an experienced mechanic to repair the car engine.

How to Find a Good Car Engine Repair Garage in Dubai?

It’s not easy to find a reliable and suitable garage around you where you feel reassured and that may charge a fair price yet gives you the best service. When it comes to your car engine you can’t rely on any random garage. Before going for a car engine repair must do a little homework to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

Here is a checklist you need to follow before going for car engine repair in Dubai.

Search online to make a list of a few reputed and suitable garages near you

Social media has spread a lot of awareness about everything among people. You can search for the best and most appropriate garage using Google to check their location and entire information. Moreover, contact information is also given to make it easier for you to approach them without any delay. 

Go through their prices and reviews

After shortlisting the best garage, the next step you need to take is to see what people are saying about their services. You can read the reviews or check how many people have given 5 stars to their services. 

Compare the price and services by different garages

It is a general impression that a luxurious garage would be more costly. But it’s not essential to choose an only expensive garage for car engine repair as you can get the finest services. Pick out the one that suits your budget and car type.

Choose the one that you can easily and quickly access

Due to the highest vehicle density in Dubai, demand for more garages has increased. You may find a garage at every other turn in Dubai. So you can easily find a car engine repairing garage near your residence. Always choose the one that is easily accessible and near to your door so that you may not need to put in more effort to drag your car to reach the garage.

Why You Must Get Car Engine Repair on Time

Turning a blind eye to engine deterioration symptoms ultimately leads to complete engine failure. It’s highly suggested to constantly take care of your car engine and keep checking the systems that might develop any engine problem in the future. 

Here is why you must get a car engine repair on time from ityreCare.

Safety Purpose 

One of the most important and primary aims of any driver is driving safely during the journey. To ensure safety you must consider the maintenance of your car parts. The engine is the part of a car without which you cannot drive your way. So it is necessary to keep your car engine well-maintained and up to date. For this reason, you must get the oil change on daily basis and keep evaluating all engine parts if it is making any sound or unusual change.

Saves Money

The overlooked minor issues lead to double trouble. If you observe any unusual sound or smoke from the engine, take immediate action and approach a mechanic to get it repaired on the spot. Repairing any single part of the engine would cost you a little amount. But deferring the repair or maintenance procedure would ultimately cost you a huge amount for engine replacement or refurbishing.

Fuel Consumption

As discussed earlier that neglected air filters result in dust hoarding that may enter the engine. When dust and debris from air filters enter the engine, it increases pressure on the process of ignition resulting in more fuel consumption than normal. Moreover, an oil change will also give you considerable improvement in the car’s oil consumption. This can be one of the best ways to improve your economic value and keep your vehicle going.


Due to the high temperature in Dubai especially in summer, it is quite normal for the car engine to overheat. Regular maintenance can ensure your car engine’s durability and longer life.

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