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For the last decade, iTyreCare Garage is operating a dedicated team of certified car mechanics for one-stop car mechanical and electrical repair services in Dubai. With experienced mechanics and technicians, we offer car mechanical repairs as per the companies’ guidelines and maintenance protocols.


The cost of car mechanical service from a car manufacturer can cost you a fortune. Official outlets charge insane charges for electrical and mechanical repair in Dubai. Mechanical and electrical issues are inevitable in the dense traffic of Dubai and that’s where iTyreCare saves your day. Our certified mechanics offer the same repair as the official outlet but at a more competitive price. Whether you have a brand new car or an old sedan, iTyreCare is the best car mechanic workshop in Dubai Al Quoz.

Mechanical repair services for luxury cars are expensive so instead of falling victim to inexperienced car mechanics near you, book an appointment with iTyreCare and have your car repaired by experienced car mechanics in UAE. The flexible business model of iTyreCare allows the freedom and peace of mind that you deserve.


As per the stats by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai is one of the countries with the highest vehicle densities. The need for car mechanic workshops in Dubai is increasing with car manufacturers introducing new variants every year. With so many models and options in the Dubai car market, car mechanics need to equip themselves with the required car maintenance tools and computer diagnostic tools. Old school car mechanic workshops in Dubai are soon going out of business as more complicated mechanical components require the use of the right and compatible tools.

A deep understanding of the local car industry allows our car mechanical work experts to adopt the newest trends and requirements of the car owners. Every member of the iTyreCare car mechanical repair services team is fully licensed and qualified to understand and resolve the complicated mechanical issues in new and old models.


Engine repair and mechanical works require a lot of time and effort. As things start getting more complicated, you might have to wait for hours. Are you worried about managing the visit car mechanics workshop near you? How if your car is delivered to your location after complete mechanical and electrical repair services in Dubai?

In the local market, iTyreCare is known to offer client-centric services, and that included pick and drop service for car repairs in Dubai. A professional car mechanic expert is just a call away. Our professional car garage offers on-site car repair services too. For more complicated mechanical repair and maintenance work, the car will be picked from your location and we will have it delivered in perfect condition right at your doorstep.


The favorable location of the iTyreCare car garage offers easy access to the best mechanical repair services in Dubai. All you need to do is to search for “car mechanic workshop near me” and Google Maps will guide you to our shop. A wide range of electrical and mechanical services is offered by experienced technicians and mechanics only.

Our customer support team takes your suggestions and complaints seriously and you will find us perfect in every service. Repair and maintenance services are crafted on the issues faced according to the road conditions in Dubai. Only a real car enthusiast can understand the value of your car and our team is full of mechanics who realize the importance of your car. We find it our moral and professional duty to listen to your concerns and offer the most viable solution.


We welcome you to a one-stop car mechanical workshop where everything related to mechanical components seems a piece of cake. Fine mechanical working of the car is critical for daily commuters and there are countless things that may go wrong when you are driving the vehicle.

Timely detection of the mechanical issue in your car will save you from future serious troubles. The only way to make your car reliable is to have it maintained from the best car garage in Dubai. Transparent and reliable car mechanical repair services have helped us to achieve the highest ranking as the best car mechanic workshop in Dubai. Here are some common services offered by iTyreCare mechanic workshop UAE:

• Engine overhauling

• Transmission repair and overhauling

• Suspension repair

• Shock absorber service

• All major and minor mechanical works

• Brakes replacement

• Steering wheel repair

• Engine management system

• Timing belt maintenance

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