Car Tire Rotation

Car tire rotation

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to have the tires on your vehicle rotated? Perhaps you think of tire rotation as a means to get from point A to point B. Well, at iTyreCare of Dubai we offer a few practical benefits of tire rotation.

Benefits of Tire Rotation

At iTyreCare, our technicians perform tire rotation services to:

  • Prevent uneven tread wear.
  • To even distribute wear and tear due to the location of your tires (e.g., front tires carry greater load due to the weight of an engine).
  • Prevent the frequent changes of tires.
  • Help save on gas mileage.
  • Reduce rolling effect (car’s resistance due to deformity of tire or road). By having tires that are evenly worn helps reduce resistance.

Tire Rotation Services Performed at iTyreCare in Dubai

Maintaining your vehicle’s tire rotation is fairly easy to do, however, it’s also important to consistently do so. The manner in which you rotate them is equally necessary because it can prolong the life of your vehicle’s tires, while improving gas mileage as well as determine how your vehicle will respond in certain situations or conditions. For example, a certain stop or turn may be necessary if something was to fall off of a vehicle ahead or beside you.

Here at iTyreCare of Dubai, our tire rotation services include:

1. Removing each tire and placing them in another location on your vehicle.

2. Checking all tire pressure

3. Checking your brakes to ensure they are functioning properly.

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