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Car Window tinting in Dubai

As you might know, the summer in UAE can be a bit hot. To overcome this a lot of car drivers in the emirates rely on Car Window tinting service to enjoy a range of benefits.

Have you ever wondered why most executive convoys have tinting all black? Sure, you never gave this a thought. The reason is this – tinted glasses gives maximum comfort and also enhances the aesthetic look of a car’s interior design.

In case you just added a new ride to your fleet of sedans. Maybe you are considering a major overhauling of the look of your car, and window tinting can be the best place to start from. It will interest you to know that besides the enhancement of the interior look and protection of the glasses of your car, window tint on a vehicle also plays a vital role in personal security and privacy.

It is possible you never knew that the ultra-violet ray A and B (UV-A and UV-B) from the sun are very destructive. Also, they are the major causes of the quick cracking and fading of your car seats, dashboard, and other leather fittings. Most importantly is the fact that these rays from the sun are incredibly harmful to your skin, as they are the key contributors to a higher risk of skin cancer. Yes, we wouldn’t want you to be a victim to that.


If you’ve been looking for where to get a professional Car Window Tinting Service in Dubai, you’ve finally landed at the right place.

At iTyreCare, which is located in the heart of Dubai, we have professional hands who are specialized in carrying out the installation of quality car window tint.

We work with the best tools and environment. Also, our expert engineers use only 3M Professional Window Film. This window film is of the highest quality to shield your car windows and the interior designs from the fiery rays of the sun.

Obviously, you’ll be wondering what it will cost you to have such a premium window tint service from our local auto car service outlet in Dubai. That’s never an issue to worry about. Our car tinting prices are highly moderate, and they reflect the standard of car window tinting services which we offer based on your specification.

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