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Computerized Wheel Alignment Service

If your car pulls towards the right or left side on a flat road or has difficulty keeping it straight, you need wheel alignment service. Additionally, suppose the car shakes or vibrates. That’s a sign that there might be some issue with your wheel alignment or tires.

iTyreCare has top-notch wheel alignment 3D machines that can accurately diagnose misalignment and provide an instant fix.

Do I need Wheel Alignment Service with new tyres?

Wheel Alignment is a complimentary service from most tire replacement shops in Dubai. However, you should request the same and insist on getting it if it is not there.

You should check your tires and wheel alignment every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. At max, you should not drive more than 25k without a proper checkup and fixing your car’s wheel alignment.

What happens if you don't fix the Wheel Alignment?

If you continue to drive with poor wheel alignment, your car tires will tear off and lose their life. Wheel alignment issues can also impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as you constantly try to pull your car on a straight path.

Internals of the Wheel Alignment Service

What is Caster?

A wrong caster angle can make it challenging to drive your car, as you will not get the proper ‘feel’ or ‘feedback’ on the steering wheel. The caster is the steering pivot angle(horizontal) which you can view from the side. Thus, it is the angle between the lower and upper ball joints of the steering mechanism of the wheel assembly. In most vehicles, it is necessary to have a positive caster of 3-5 degrees for better handling. However, in the case of heavier vehicles such as trucks, it is better to set a negative caster angle.

What is Camber?

Camber is the vertical angle between the road and the car’s wheel, which you can check from the front or rear of the vehicle. The number one reason for improper tire wear is an incorrect camber angle, as this angle determines how much the tires will come in contact with the road. If the tires lean towards the vehicle’s chassis, it is a negative angle. The opposite is true for a positive angle. Maintaining the proper camber angle is imperative as it will help you drive safely by retaining the appropriate steering control.

What is Toe?

Toe is the angle formed between each of the four tires of your car when it points forward. Ideally, the wheelsets of your vehicle should have a parallel angle between them. If the pair of wheelsets on your car points toward each other, it is known as a ‘toe-ins’ angle. If the wheelsets point outwards from each other, it is known as ‘toe-outs.’ A faulty toe angle will cause more tire wear and make it challenging to steer your car.

Why should you choose the iTyreCare wheel alignment center?

As iTyreCare started as a specialized tire shop, wheel alignment service is still one of our core expertise. We proudly offer 3D computerized wheel alignment services to our customers in Dubai. It is one service we receive customers from even other emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our mechanics fix and lift your car on the wheel alignment machine, with sensors attached to each tire. After this, the computer reads all alignment readings while assisting our team in adjusting to a specific part of the alignment system.

The process takes around 30 to 45 minutes, and we offer a test drive once the wheel alignment finishes. We also provide you with all guidance and information during your visit to ensure you understand the process and trust our services. We currently hold 4.8 out of 5 ratings on Google My Business due to our excellent customer service and delivery. Contact us to book an appointment.

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