It is an excellent idea to do a computerized wheel alignment on your car if you are experiencing problems with your vehicle such as poor handling, abnormal tire wear, low gas mileage, shaking or vibration of the steering wheel, etc.

At iTyreCare Dubai Al Quoz the best auto repair shops provide the service of computerized wheel alignment. If you want to know which auto repair shops offer computerized wheel alignment service near you, a simple google search will reveal their location on the map along with their contact details and addresses.


Although it is not necessary to get a wheel alignment with new tires, it is an excellent idea to do it if you have not done a wheel alignment in a few months. If the wheels of your car are not aligned properly, you will experience handling or steering problems even with new tires. Plus, your new tires will wear out much faster. Not to mention, it is unsafe to drive a vehicle with improper wheel alignment in al Quoz Dubai. If you do a wheel alignment when you install new tires, it will help you to ensure that the tires of your car are angled correctly with respect to each other and also the road. Thus, it will be a joy to ride again as the ride will feel much smoother.

If you want a better driving experience, it is crucial to maintain a proper car wheel alignment. It will also help you to save money in the long term as you don’t have to refuel your car as often due to better gas mileage or change the tires more frequently as they will remain in good condition for a long time. If you drive your car in harsh conditions or roughly(driving over potholes), it is necessary to align the wheels of your car every few months. Otherwise, your vehicle may have a tendency to veer to one side and make it difficult to turn to one side.

Caster – A wrong caster angle can make it challenging to drive your car as you will not get the proper ‘feel’ or ‘feedback’ on the steering wheel. Caster is the steering pivot angle(horizontal) which you can view from the side. Thus, it is the angle between the lower and upper ball joint of the steering mechanism of the wheel assembly. In most vehicles, it is necessary to have a positive caster of 3-5 degrees for better handling. However, in the case of heavier vehicles such as trucks, it is better to set a negative caster angle.

Camber – Camber is the vertical angle between the road and the wheel of the car, which can be checked from the front or rear end of the car. The number one reason for improper tire wear is an incorrect camber angle as this angle determines how much the tires will come in contact with the road. If the tires lean towards the chassis of the vehicle, it is known as a negative angle. The opposite is true for a positive angle. It is imperative to maintain the proper camber angle as it will help you to drive safer by maintaining the appropriate steering control.

Toe – Toe is the angle formed between each of the four tires of your cars when it points forward. Ideally, the wheelsets of your car should have a parallel angle between them. If the pair of wheelsets on your car points toward each other, it is known as a ‘toe-ins’ angle. If the wheelsets point outwards from each other, it is known as ‘toe-outs.’ A faulty toe angle will cause more tire wear and make it difficult to drive your car.

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