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Computerized Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment Services in Dubai

Do you experience a lot of vibration and shaking in your car’s steering wheel? Is there abnormal wear and tear in the tires? Is the gas mileage suddenly becoming quite poor? Do you also feel a constant pull to one side of your car while driving? If you answered these questions with a yes, it is highly likely you need wheel balancing and wheel alignment services.
In case you are looking for wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Dubai, iTyreCare is here to serve you. Let us brief you about the importance of these services, and why you must get wheel balancing and alignment services for your car.

Understanding the Difference Between Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel alignment refers to how your car’s wheels sit when they are mounted to the car. On the other hand, wheel balancing refers to balancing the tire’s weight, and creating perfect wheel assembly so the car moves evenly.
When Is Wheel Alignment Done?
As you drive your car, the wheel’s angles gradually change from the standard angles set by the manufacturer. If the wheel angle continues to deviate, the car tires pull the steering wheel to one side. To drive the car properly, you need to then exert more effort. Plus, this also affects the overall performance of the car.
Wheel alignment is then carried out to fix the alignment of the car wheels. This ensures the car moves evenly without leaning to any one side. If you often ask yourself, ‘How can I find service provider of computerized wheel alignment near me in Dubai?,’ your prayers have been answered. iTyreCare is here to take care of your car’s wheel alignment in market competitive rates.
When Is Wheel Balancing Done?
The weight of your car and its tires is balanced and distributed on the four wheels. Movement and driving leads to wear and tear, which affects the harmonious weight distribution. Also, if the car’s wheel alignment is disturbed, it further aggravates the weight distribution. When your car starts to constantly shake and vibrate while driving, it is time for it to undergo wheel balancing.
iTyreCare provides computerized, quick and efficient method of wheels balancing in Dubai. Our expert technicians use auto-calibrated spin balancer and advanced tools to test your car’s static and dynamic wheel balancing. The car’s and tire’s weight is then evenly adjusted that reduces the incessant vibration and shaking.

How is Computerized Wheel Balancing Carried Out?

At iTyreCare, cutting edge wheel balancing equipment and supplies such as calibrated spinners and balancing machines are used to perform efficient and accurate computerized wheel balancing. We have the finest computerized tire alignment and wheel balancing experts who are proficient in the computerized methods of wheel balancing in Dubai. Here is how they use their expertise, experience and our tools to conduct computerized wheel balancing at iTyreCare:

  • The car’s wheel and tire is attached to a balancing machine.
  • As the tire spins, the vibrations are measured.
  • The readings help gauge whether or not the wheels require balancing as well as the points to fasten the extra weights on.
  • Thorough wheel assessment is performed by conducting several weight distribution tests to make certain the car’s wheels are perfectly balanced.

With iTyreCare, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our professionals perform state-of-the-art computerized wheel balancing that improves your car’s overall performance too.

Computerized Wheel Alignment Service

How is Wheel Alignment Service Performed?

Before moving on to how wheel alignment is carried out, let us first walk you through the main kinds of wheel alignment services. The kind of suspension your vehicle has helps determine the kind of car wheel alignment it will receive.

Front-End Car Wheel Alignment

This type of wheel alignment brings forth adjustments to the car’s front axle. It is the most fundamental kind of alignment, and not generally recommended for the modern automobiles.

Thrust Wheel Alignment

This combines thrust alignment with front-end alignment to square the four wheels with one another. It is mostly recommended for automobiles with a very solid rear axle.

Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

Computerized 4 wheel alignment is a comprehensive type of alignment that mixes up thrust angle and front-end alignments, as well as positions the car’s rear axle angles. This is basically done for all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles with independent/ adjustable rear suspensions. 

What Do the iTyreCare Experts Do?

  • The mechanic takes your vehicle for a quick test drive to understand the exact wheel alignment issues going on.
  • The expert then places your car on a hoist and raises it.
  • He then examines the car’s suspension components and tires to check if everything is working optimally.
  • In case there are faulty and broken parts, they are replaced prior to the car wheel alignment process.
  • The car’s tires’ pressure is checked, and any adjustments if needed are made to them.
  • The vehicle is hooked to the alignment machine.
  • After that, the mechanic makes adjustments to its suspension angles as per the specifications by the manufacturer. Adjustments are mainly done on the four major areas: toe, caster, thrust and camber.
  • Computerized tire alignment is done through specialized equipment.

Once the entire car wheel alignment service is conducted, our expert checks your car once more to ensure it does not gravitate towards one particular side.

What is the Wheel Alignment and Balancing Price?

When getting wheel balancing and alignment services, a major concern that orbits one’s mind is: how much does a wheel alignment cost and what is the wheel balancing cost? The ccomputerized wheel alignment price varies depending on how many wheels you wish to align, as well as the automobile repair shop you are getting computerized wheel alignment service from.

At iTyreCare, car alignment price ranges between AED 150 and AED 250 for two wheels. For alignment of four wheels, double that amount. The wheel balancing cost too lies in the same range. Additional charges do apply in case of extra services. Wheel inspection is complete free of cost at iTyreCare so make sure to avail that, and get your car’s maintenance timely.

How Long Does Computerized Tire Alignment and Balancing Take?

The turnaround time for computerized tire alignment and balancing services varies according to the amount of adjustment the car requires. Plus, it also depends on the number of wheels that need alignment and balancing. Mostly, it takes roughly 60 minutes for proper car alignment. In case of heavy damage on the car’s ball joint, suspension, steering brushing or track rod, the turnaround time may be longer.

How to Find High Speed Wheel Balancing Near Me?

To find an automobile repair and maintenance provider in Dubai for wheel balancing and wheel alignment service, look up the query ‘wheel balancing near me’ or ‘wheel alignment near me.’ You can also search the queries ‘balance wheels near me’ or ‘car alignment near me.’ Different results will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages.) Go through the different results, and analyze their services. Be sure to check the reviews to find the best wheel alignment and balancing providers near you.

iTyreCare is one of the best automobile repair garages in Dubai that offers wheel alignment service and wheel balancing in competitive rates. Moreover, you can also get car brake pads replacement and car ac repair services from our garage too. Our technicians are skilled, and provide you advanced, computerized services in a short turnaround time. Plus, our quality services give you good value for your money.

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