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Are you looking for Tyre Puncture Shop in Dubai or Tyre Repair Shop in Dubai? Then you are already on the right path as you have landed at one of the best tire repair shops in Dubai. Getting a flat tire can happen anywhere or at any time, whether you’re casually driving through Jumeirah road or on your way from work to home. It doesn’t take much to puncture a tire. It could be a small screw, a broken glass, or a sharp piece of metal. It could even be a nail that punctures your tire and doesn’t immediately cause it to deflate. You might then be wondering with questions like “tyre repair shop near me” or “Tyre puncture shop near me”. Whatever your situation is regarding tire problems, iTyreCare can come to your rescue and provide a quick tire repair service.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance

Customers are stranded on the roadside for most tire punctures or repair issues. We understand this can be highly stressful. To help you reduce the stress and have your car back up and running on the road immediately, we offer tyre puncture repair at your doorstep giving you a mobile tyre puncture shop experience, which means as soon as you contact us by either calling us at +971 4 2279700 or by other means here, our technicians will be by your side in no time along with their tyre puncture repair kit. They will examine the tires, assist you with different options to repair tyres, and guide you with the tyre puncture repair cost.

Recovery and Towing options

iTyreCare offers car towing service if your tyres are severely damaged and the car must be brought to our tyre repair shop. You can simply Call us at +971 4 2279700 and we can arrange recovery or towing service for you. We offer pickup and drop-off service which means you don’t have to worry about either arranging car recovery or figuring out how you will pick up your car. You have everything covered with us.

Tyre Puncture Repair via Plug or Patch?

Tyre patch puncture

If you regularly drive on rough roads, you will someday experience a tire puncture in your car. A tire puncture can make your car swirl and make it uncomfortable and unsafe to drive further on the road. Thus, you must repair it or replace it immediately.

The most common way to repair car tires is to apply a tire plug or a tire patch. Both types of repairs can work well, but generally, a tire patch is considered a better way to repair a leaking tire.

A tire plug can quickly fix the problem if a nail or other sharp object has punctured your car. Repairing a tire puncture using a plug is relatively simple and cheap as you don’t need to remove the tire from the wheel. All you have to do is insert the plug into the hole, which will seal via vulcanization when you drive it due to the heat of friction. An adequately inserted plug can last 25,000 miles or even for life. However, they may fall off if not inserted correctly. Also, a tire plug becomes ineffective if the puncture is near the sidewall or at an angle.

Applying a tire patch over a puncture hole is more secure and effective. However, it will be more costly and takes more time because a repair technician will need to dismount the tire and then apply the adhesive-backed piece of rubber to the inside surface of the tire. The rubber piece will vulcanize due to heat and friction when you drive the car.

Thus, applying a tire plug for small punctures is better, but if the puncture hole is big, it is necessary to use a patch. In all those cases, if you visit our tyre puncture shop, we will provide you with plenty of advice on the subject.

The process at our Tyre Puncture Shop

If you decide to visit our tire puncture shop, you will usually go through the following process:

  1. A quick examination of the tires and vehicle
    A quick Examination of the tyres and vehicle

    A quick Examination of the tyres and vehicle

  2. Free vehicle inspection
    Free vehicle inspection

    Free vehicle inspection

  3. Tyre repair
  4. Final checkup
    Final checkup

    Final checkup

The whole process, on average, doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Contact us now to get your car tires repaired instantly.

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