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AlloyGator Is Perfect for your Vehicle?

Curb rash is the most frustrating thing that not only takes away the real charm of the alloy wheels also costs insane amount in case of serious damage. Avoiding curb rashes and pothole damage is critical for alloy wheel protection. If you go for off-roading more often, you need an alloy wheel rim protector in Dubai.

Stock alloy wheels may not stand against the potholes and off-roading bumps so make sure to add allow wheel protective accessories to your car or SUV. Installing an alloy rim protector can save you from bigger costs as it is not recommended to drive a car with the damaged or repaired rim.

You can also go for an alloy wheel rim repair service in Dubai but installing an alloy wheel protector is a proactive approach that will keep the rim and wheel safe against unusual bumps and potholes. Dubai owners must consider installing alloy wheel rim protectors as these accessories offer additional protection and shock absorbance to the wheels.

If you want a professional auto mechanic to install alloy wheel protectors, visit iTyreCare – Auto Service Center Al Quoz Dubai. We not only have the original alloy rim protectors but our experts know how to install the protectors with OEM fitting.

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AlloyGator rim protector installation In Dubai

AlloyGator is a universal wheel protection accessory that can be fitted in any rim size of any color. Without any further modifications, OEM AlloyGator rim protectors can be installed in the rims. AlloyGator is one of the most effective and highly engineered wheel protection accessory producers. We have original AlloyGator alloy rim protectors that come with an AlloyGator official guarantee.

In Dubai, iTyreCare is the authentic fitter and product provider for AlloyGator wheel protectors. If you have passed a pothole at a higher speed, there are high chance that your rim is going to take the damage. AlloyGator solved this issue with innovative wheel protectors and this affordable alloy wheel protection solution.

How To Install original alloygator rim protectors?

Fixing and installing the original AlloyGator alloy rim protector needs tools that you may not have in your home garage. Instead of faulty installation, let iTyreCare install the AlloyGator alloy rim protective layer. We have original AlloyGator accessories that are made for OEM rims of almost all sizes.

You don’t need to worry about the sizing and measurements of the protector as the universal product by AlloyGator goes perfectly with almost 80% of the OEM alloy wheels. The product is highly suggested for daily-use cars so if you are thinking about installing the rim protectors in your sports car, let us inspect the details first.

There are specific guidelines that we follow for the alloy wheel rim protectors in Dubai. We make sure that the installation of AlloyGator alloy wheel rim protectors doesn’t affect the stability and traction of the car.

Safe AlloyGator rim Protector installation

Installing these AlloyGator protectors requires some specific tools and expertise. Our technicians at iTyreCare are trained to offer protective services for all kinds of rims and alloy wheels. You don’t even need to buy AlloyGator wheel rim protectors from any other place. Visit iTyreCare anytime and have the alloy wheel protection services within a few minutes.

We pay special attention to the installation process so that not a single inch of the rim is damaged during the installation of the alloy wheel rim protectors. The use of safe installation techniques allows us to meet the user expectations and life expectancy of the protectors.

Instead of using force for the installation, we follow the long yet safe procedure. A few AEDs invested in the installation of AlloyGator wheel rim protectors may save your bigger investments.

alloygator rim protector color choice

Unlike local protector manufacturers, AlloyGator offers a wide range of alloy wheel protectors. Whether you want matching alloy wheel protectors for your car or want silver protectors as per the rim color, AlloyGator has your back. With a wide range of colors, you have the freedom to increase the safety of the car without compromising on the aesthetics of the car.

The color coating of the AlloyGator wheel protectors runs throughout the lifetime of the protectors. This additional layer of safety is made from nylon improved the resistance against pothole damage and curbs rashes.

The chrome-like finish of the AlloyGator rim protectors makes your car stand out and also protects the wheel corners from typical damages and rashes. You can wash the AlloyGator wheel protective layers just like the rest of the car. This is a one-time investment that needs no further maintenance.

alloy wheel rim replacement is an expansive deal

The primary purpose of alloy wheel rim protectors is to protect rims and wheels against accidental bumps. Rims cost a lot, so instead of replacing the rims after severe damage, installing alloy wheel rim protection is a wise decision. This simple accessory can help you to preserve the current set of alloy wheels.

With iTyreCare alloy wheel rim protection services, you don’t need to buy the protectors separately. We have the original AlloyGator alloy wheel rim protectors that are installed by our professional technicians with the recommended tools and equipment. Additionally, we offer comprehensive wheel alignment services to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are perfectly aligned for optimal performance and safety.

Can i install alloygator wheel rim protectors in my car?

AlloyGator can be installed in 80% of the OEM alloy wheel so if you have any car that is common in the Dubai automobile market, we can install the rim protectors in your car. We always inspect the guidelines and the rim specifications first to ensure maximum stability on the road.

We have a wide range of colors so you don’t need to compromise on the color scheme of the car. Adding AlloyGator alloy wheel rim protectors of different colors can make your car look even more stylish without doing much.

If you want to have any type of car repair services, visit iTyreCare anytime and we would love to assist you.

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