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In the 19th century, Dr. Benjamin Franklin founded the Goodrich company in Akron, Ohio. Initially, they manufactured rubber hoses and fire suppression equipment. In 1914, BFGoodrich won the Indianapolis 500 with its all-terrain Baja champion tires. The company has been introducing new technologies such as tubeless, run-flat, and all-terrain tires for many years.

The BFGoodrich company has 40 years of experience in the motorsport industry. In 1977, the BFGoodrich all-terrain radial tires were now a symbol for off-road adventures in the Dakar Rally. The BF Goodrich tires give excellent handling on both terrain and mud. This brand offers various tires for all types of vehicles, including light trucks, Toyota Hilux, and other 4×4 Cars.

Their tyre gives the best performance on both terrain and mud terrain. The BFGoodRich tires have specially designed tread patterns that provide smooth handling on every road condition in Dubai and Sharjah. Their tire has the best durability, performance, and excellence on wet and dry roads.


Computerized Wheel balancing


Installation of Tyres


Tyre puncture Repair


Nitrogen air Filling

Wide variety of BF Goodrich Tyres Online

Off-road lovers trust the BFGoodrich brand for their adventures. They offer a wide variety of tires for all kinds of terrain tyres. This company continue develops new developments and uses cutting-edge technology. They ensure durability without compromising on performance.

Their tires bf provide the best steering gripping and balancing on every type of sand and rock track. Select the bf Goodrich in the Middle East because they provide high-performance tires and good quality products. This brand has a strong reputation in the industry. The Goodrich tyres in Dubai give good performance even on summer days.

They use high-quality materials for their products, giving them a long life span and minimizing the risk of punctures. This brand never compromises on safety. The BFGoodrich tyres in Dubai reduce the rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency.

Below is some famous tyre offered by this brand:

  1. BFGoodrich mud Terrain t a km3
  2. 305 70r18 BFgoodrich ko2
  3. BF Goodrich all-terrain ko2265 70r17
  4. BF Goodrich mud terrain 255 75 r17
  5. BF Goodrich all-T33

BF Goodrich Tyres Prices in Dubai, UAE

iTyreCare offers competitive pricing and has a wide range of tyres models available. Customers can find many options that suit their budgets. Whether you are looking for all-season tyres or off-road tires, we offer affordable prices without compromising performance. We also provide tyre repair services in entire Dubai.

We also provide excellent customer service. Our professional team will assist you and recommend the best tires for your vehicle. Visit iTyreCare for affordable new tyres for your car. Our products are very durable and give the best tyre performance.

Furthermore, we offer free services when you get tire collection from us

  1. Computerized Wheel balancing
  2. Installation of Tyres
  3. Rubber Valve Replacement
  4. Old Tyres Disposal
  5. Nitrogen air filling

You can find us online by searching “tyre shop” or “BFG tires near me.” You can also call us on our toll-free no, 800482, or WhatsApp at +971582934700.

Michelin, a French tire company, owned the Goodrich brand. Michelin got BFGoodrich in 1990, but BFGoodrich remains a separate brand.
You can find iTyerCare offers a variety tires and auto parts.

It depends on your individual needs and budget. The BFGoodrich tires are generally high-quality tires. They can be more expensive than other famous brands. However, many believe the higher price is worth it for the quality and performance.








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