Brake Pad Replacement Service in Dubai

Is your car's stopping time getting longer?

Hearing squealing noises when you press the brake pedal? Or Seeing the warning light on your car dashboard? It could be time for a brake pad replacement.

At the iTyreCare service center, we understand the importance of safety and performance. We have expert mechanics who can solve your problem within a few hours. We use only the Original Brakepad, Ensuring your vehicle maintains its original braking performance. We are providing high-quality brake pad repair and replacement services in Dubai.

Our highly trained technicians inspect your car thoroughly and provide you with honest recommendations.

Brake Pad Replacement dubai

Signs That Your Car Brake Pads Need Replacing

Brake pads play an essential role in your car’s braking system. They create friction and slow down the rotation of car wheels. Over time, they show signs of wear and tear and need brake service or replacement. Here are three signs that indicate it’s time for a brake pad replacement:

Warning light

Warning light

On the car dashboard, the warning light is turned on, which indicates that you need brake service.



While driving the car, feel a vibration in the steering wheel when you press the brake pedal.

Weird noises

Weird noises

If you hear a Squealing or grinding noise while driving, it is a sign of worn-out brake pads.


  1. Weekly inspection of brake rotors is essential, especially in Dubai’s extreme weather conditions. The average lifespan of a brake caliper or pads depends on many factors, such as driving habits, terrain, and traffic conditions. 
  2. Changing brake pads every 15,000 – 25,000 kilometers or every two years is recommended. This interval may be shorter for those who drive the car regularly in Dubai.
  3.  Extreme heat during the summer months in Dubai can cause brake pads to wear out faster. So, always check your car’s brake system before starting the summer.
  4.  In addition, whenever you go to replace the brake system, always choose high-quality
    spare parts. Low-quality rear brakes may wear out faster and are less effective in extreme
    weather conditions.

                                                                                  How We Work?

When is it time to change brake pads? Are you looking for a place to go for brake issues that arise? Visit the iTyreCare service center for expert advice and top-of-the-line car brake pad repair in Dubai services. It’s never been simpler to look after your brakes!

Professional Brake Inspection

At iTyreCare, we’ll check your brake fluids, examine your parking brakes, and evaluate the wear on your rear and front brake pads, rotors, and drums to detect any indications of faulty brakes. 

Replace Pads for Brake Pads & More

It is possible to get all of it with our car brake pad replacement in Dubai services. Our highly trained technicians are available to make sure your brakes have the power to stop you. We’ve covered everything, from simple auto brake repair to more complicated brake system repairs.

The Highest Quality Brake Parts For Your Vehicle

Are you dealing with worn brake pads or Rotors? We’ve got you covered. We offer many tyre services as well. You get top-quality brake replacement parts when you use our services. We’re proud to offer top brands in the industry for our brake replacement parts that exceed or meet the specifications.

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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer premium services at affordable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

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Fast Turnaround Time

We understand your time is precious. That's why we offer fast, efficient services without compromising quality.

Experienced Technicians

Experienced Technicians

We have highly skilled and experienced technicians who provide top-Car repair services.

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Car brake pads typically last 25,000 to 70,000 kilometres. This can vary depending on many factors, such as driving conditions, driving style, and the types of brakes used in automobiles.

Replacing brake pads can be costly. Average brake pads range from AED 275 to AED 800. Further, it depends on the quality and type of brake pads.

No, You can not drive with bad brakes because it is extremely dangerous for you. and you can lose the ability to slow or stop the car.

It depends on the condition of the brake pads and brake rotor. If the condition is bad, then we recommend replacing both brake rotors and pads.

There is no set duration. It is best to have brake inspections if you’re experiencing car problems and are concerned about brake issues.

If your brake pads show uneven wear and tear, your brakes might shake. If you’re experiencing the problem, it is best to take the necessary steps to get an upgrade of the brake pads.