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Is the car battery dead? We’ll fix it!

Do you have a problem with your car? Are you looking to jump-start your vehicle? Are you searching for the most efficient car battery replacement in Dubai services? Do you require a car battery check by professional car services?

Let us know if you seek assistance with technical issues like the ones mentioned. Our highly skilled technicians will promptly help you and assist you in getting on the roads without delays. 

The experts of iTyreCare will do car battery change in Dubai and provide any other maintenance or repair assistance for your vehicle. The batteries are all covered by an initial guarantee of 7 months. We fix any defects or issues that could arise. We are available if you need a car battery replacement service in Dubai.

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Signs of Car Battery Change in Dubai

The signs that you require a car battery replacement in Dubai:

  • The warning light that you see on your dash will remain on for an extended period after the engine has started.
  • When you start, your engine’s rotation is slow or irregular.
  • Your headlights go out when you’re idling
  • The electronic components of the vehicle fail to function correctly.
  • Your truck or unit will lose energy quickly during cold weather.

Technicians of our tyre shop will provide a thorough automotive battery test and give you a replacement battery if you require replacement.

How do we work for you?

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Indulge in unparalleled convenience with our complimentary Pickup and Delivery service across the UAE

Recovery service

Recovery service

When your car breaks down anywhere in Dubai, contact us and we will send our free recovery towing service to bring at iTyreCare

Onsite service

Onsite service

Our team will come to your given location and solve the issue at your doorstep and you can enjoy our service without any hassle.

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Our Working Process

Park Safely

Your car should be parked in a secure spot. Keep at least one meter between your vehicle and the cars or other obstacles. It is recommended to park in the shade to shield from the sun.

Open The Bonnet

Make sure your bonnet/hood (or boot or trunk, based on the position of your battery) is locked and easily accessible.

Stay Connected

The technician we have assigned to you will require you to allow access to your car to take a look at your battery and conduct diagnostic tests for your starter motor and charging system.

Car Battery Replacement Dubai

                                 Why Should You Choose Us For Battery Replacement In Dubai?

Regarding changing or replacing the car battery in Dubai, iTyreCare services are the most highly recommended by customers. We are serving our customers with dedication, providing the most efficient car battery replacement services for a long time. 

Our highly experienced experts in battery maintenance ensure our clients receive the highest quality services.

 We promise that you will receive:

  • Transparent dealings
  • 100% guaranteed services
  • Professionally competent team
  • Car batteries that are reasonably priced
  • Comprehensive servicing

You can call us to discuss any replacement needs for your car battery. Our team will arrive at your door and quickly assist you.

Get to know about us.

iTyreCare began its journey as a car garage in Dubai since 2012. We have built a trusted name by providing our clients with the most affordable automotive services. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who specialize in electrical work to understand all major vehicle problems. Due to our reliable service, thousands of customers trust our services and technical team.

Why Choose iTyreCare?

7 days in Work

7 days in Work

We're open 8-am to 11-pm 7 days a week, unlike other garages in Dubai. Our well-seasoned team of mechanics is always ready to help with your car battery issue.

Our Price

Our Price

Our company policy is to have transparent pricing and no hidden charges in our invoices which makes them unbeatable compared to our competitors.

Our Attitude

Our Attitude

We provide a courteous, reliable, and diligent service that ensures repeat customization and referrals from our satisfied customers.

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Yes, contemporary batteries are 99 percent recyclable.

Yes, indeed. However, all of our batteries comply with UAE specifications. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about damage from heat.