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Importance of Car Engine Maintenance

Being a car owner is really easy, but maintaining your car is also one of the most important things. The lifespan of your car and pleasant rides are both guaranteed by a well-maintained engine. A car’s engine requires regular maintenance to function effectively and safely. By doing weekly maintenance services on the vehicle’s engines, the lifespan will increase.

The engine is the most important part of any fuel-powered vehicle. Choosing the right car repair and maintenance services is important because the engine is the most crucial part of the car. If your vehicle has a faulty engine, come to us; we provide the best automotive services for repair and replacement.

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How Does a Car Engine Work?

When you start the car, the engine starts by opening the valves, and then fuel and air enter the combustion chamber. The fuel and air combine, and then the spark plugs ignite them. When the mixture burns, it causes the piston to move and turn into the crankshaft.

The throttle valve controls the mixture of air and fuel that enters the carburetor. When you press the pedal, the valve opens wide, allowing more fuel flow and air mixture to enter the combustion chamber. By doing this, the engine produces more power, and your vehicle moves faster.

There are two types of engines:

  1. Internal combustion engines
  2. External combustion engines

Common Engine Problems

Vehicle engines are complex machines with many parts that work together to produce power. Knowing the common engine problems is the best way to identify the problem correctly and quickly.

  1. Engine Overheating
  2. Strange Noises
  3. Engine light
  4. Piston Ring
  5. decreased power
  6. excessive smoke
  7. odd smells
  8. Oil Leakage
  9.  Head Gaskets
  10. Timing Chain

Early detection of car issues can prevent more serious damage. For your Car to remain in top condition, preventive maintenance is essential. Follow the recommended service schedule, regularly check and change the oil, inspect filters, check the coolant level, and monitor levels.

How To Increase the Engine Performance of a Car?

  • Check your car’s oil regularly
  • Keep your vehicle’s engine clean
  • Inspection of your vehicle’s spark plugs
  • Proper engine tuning
  • Use best-quality fuel and oil

Finding the Right Car Engine Repair Garage

Our Car Garage is present across the UAE (Dubai and Sharjah). Our team of mechanics ensures that every vehicle goes through the mandatory inspection. Our car maintenance and engine rebuild services in Dubai (Al Quoz) and Sharjah are best for you.

At first, we inspect your vehicle in detail. Once We found the issue quickly, we repaired or rebuild your car’s engine.

Our Services include:

  1. Fully Vehicle Inspection
  2. Repair or Replacement of Engine
  3. Oil leakage Repair
  4. Engine Overhauling
  5. Fuel pump issue
  6. Head Gaskets Repair
  7. Coolant Leakage Repair
  8. Engine flushing
  9. Timing Chain Service
  10. Camshaft belt Issues
  11. Engine Oil Pump Repair
  12. Turbocharger Repair
  13. Seal Replacements
  14. Overheating Issues
  15. Air Filter Replacement

Why Choose Us?

We offer first-rate auto engine rebuilding and repair services in Sharjah and Dubai (Al Quoz). Our specialists are qualified and skilled. We use digital machines For vehicle inspection.

We provide reasonable prices for engine services. We use high-quality, original products that enhance the performance of the car. Our specialization is in all engine systems. We have many customers across the UAE who are satisfied with us.

We put a lot of effort into providing our customers with convenience and value that they won’t find elsewhere.

You can find us by searching for “engine repair Dubai” or “car engine repair shops near me” online. Don’t hesitate to come to iTyreCare. We can fix your Auto brakes and do all your other car maintenance.

We fix cars. Call 800-482 to talk to our experts. Don’t wait; contact us now.


  1. Regularly Check Fluid Levels
  2. Check fuel filter
  3. check engine light
  4.  Look for oil leakage

No, turn off the car and let the engine cool before checking the oil to get a more accurate reading.

It is dependent on the policy of the insurance company. In general, insurance companies will cover engine damage caused by an accident, or theft. If you misuse your automobile, the insurance company will not cover any damages.

It is dependent upon the condition, damage portion, and availability of the parts of the vehicle.

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