Car Gearbox & Transmission Repair Service in Dubai

Gearbox repair service in dubai

The transmission or Gearbox is a critical spare part of the car. This part transfers power from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to speed up and maintain different speeds.d allow you to accelerate and maintain different speeds. The transmission is a system of gears that work together smoothly to give the best performance in different driving situations.

The transmission or gearbox is also a mechanical component, just like other parts. In Dubai, It may get issues over the time because of harsh climate. The common problem in a manual vehicle that car owners face is difficulty in shifting gears. This problem can caused by worn-out clutch or synchro rings in the box.

The proper repairing, replacing or maintenance are important for Gearbox longevity. When you come for gearbox repair at iTyreCare, our transmission specialist always check the fluid leaking and refills the transmission fluids.

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Types of transmission replacements

We have various options for rebuilding your vehicle’s Gearbox or transmission, which are mentioned below:

1. New Transmission: It is the most expensive type when your car’s Gearbox can not be repaired in Dubai. Then you will buy a new transmission which comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and gives the best performance.

2. Used Transmission (Second-Hand Transmission): This option is more affordable than new but may have some risks. Used transmissions typically come from salvage yards or vehicles involved in accidents. In this type, there is no warranty.

3. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): It is the type of automatic transmission. In this the system the pulleys and belts provide a many gear ratios. it also give smooth race and improved fuel efficiency.

4. Rebuilt Transmission: This option is remarkably cost-efficient as compared to others. In this type the mechanic replaces any damaged parts of the used transmission after disassembling and inspecting it.

5. Remanufactured Transmission: It is similar to a rebuilt transmission. The Mechanic inspected the Gearbox and replaced the damaged parts. Remanufactured transmissions use new technology parts to meet current specifications.

when should i overhaul my automatic transmission

When should you overhaul your automatic transmission? On average, transmissions last between 100,000 to 200,000 kilometers (around 7 to 10 years). However, exceptional care and regular maintenance can extend this lifespan to over 300,000 kilometers!

If you notice slipping gears, delayed shifts, unusual noises, or fluid leaks, it’s time to visit iTyreCare. Our exclusive overhauling service ensures your transmission performs like new, giving your car the boost it needs to keep you confidently on the road. Drive smarter with iTyreCare!

Signs that a Car Gearbox needs repair service

Slipping or Delay Shifting: When you are driving a car and transmission are slips or delay in shifting you must check first the fluid levels. If you still have this problem then it need to be check immediately. If you do not pay attention the Gearbox can be wear and tear.

Weird Noises: If you hear any grinding or weird noises coming from the transmission, that means it need repair. The internal parts may break, and causing the sound. It is important do not ignore noises as they can cause serious problems.

Burning Smell: If you smell of burning then it must coming from automatic transmission fluid. It can cause by overheat issues. The fluid color also change from bright red to dark. By checking the condition of your ATF weekly helps you to find issues early.

Dragging Clutch: When the flywheel and clutch do not separate the dragging clutch happens. In this the shifting gears is impossible. If you do not pay attention on this issue timely then you might to replace Gearbox in Dubai.

Why Choose ityrecare?

In Dubai, many shops provide car gearbox maintenance services, but iTyreCare stands out as the premier car transmission repair shop in Dubai. Our expert technicians specialize in automatic transmission service and boast years of experience in handling both manual and automatic vehicle transmissions.

We use high-quality spare parts that have a longer lifespan and perform best. You can talk to us about any transmission issues. We give top-notch professional services to our lovely customers.
The transmission repair price depends on various factors, including transmission Type, vehicle Model, and Labor Costs.

We proudly announce that we offer affordable prices from any other shop. You can book an appointment by calling our toll-free number, 800-482.

How often does transmission fluid need to be changed

Changing your transmission fluid is crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient ride! At iTyreCare, we recommend swapping out your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers. This interval ensures your transmission remains lubricated and performs optimally, preventing costly repairs down the road.

Always check your car’s manual or manufacturer guidelines for specific recommendations tailored to your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps your car running like a dream, so don’t skip this essential service!

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