Best Car Rim Repair & Painting Service in Dubai al quoz

On the poor roads In Dubai, it is not good to drive a vehicle with a damaged Rim. It will greatly affect the wheel balance and fuel efficiency of your Vehicle.

Are you Looking for the best wheel and rim repair in Dubai (Al Quoz)? We make this selection easy for you. iTyreCare can help you restore your vehicle’s rims to like-new condition. We have the best-skilled workers in Dubai who know the technique’s of repairing rims and wheels.

We provide Services that meet all your needs. whether you’re looking for wheel or rim straightening services.

Rim Repair

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Best Alloy Rim Repair Garage in Dubai

The metal or alloy rims on your car, which hold and support the tyres. They are an essential part of the wheel assembly and improve the overall design, performance, and security of your car.

A bent rim can cause the tire to come off. Instead of changing the wheel, come to us. We have computerized straightening machines on which we check for damaged or bent rims or alloy wheels.

We have the best technicians to repair the buckled alloy wheels. our workers handle your damaged alloy wheels with extra care.

Rim Repair: Wheel Rim Repair In Dubai

The car wheel plays an important role in both appearance and functionality. It consists of several crucial parts that operate together; it is more than just a metal rim. These components consist of the wheel face, centre cap, tyre, valve stem, and rim.

Each part is crucial for preserving tire pressure, guaranteeing stability, and ensuring a comfortable ride. They not only keep the tyres firmly in place, but they also improve the overall appearance of your car. If you accidentally damage the rim or it rusts.

Finding a bent wheel repair shop in Dubai for your wheels and rims is not always simple. Our technicians are familiar with the different repair techniques for different types of damage. These specialists can work wonders and make your rims look like they’ve undergone refurbishment.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services in Dubai, UAE

Alloy rims are light, thin, strong, and enhance the appearance of your car. Potholes, bad tyres, unexperienced drivers, and corrosion can wear out your alloy wheels over time. In Dubai, driving is not easy in a hot climate. The alloy rims need proper maintenance.  

If they sustain damage or break, they require refurbishment. With alloy wheel repair and refurbishment, we will restore your worn-out alloy rims back to their functional state. We have skilled workers and excellent garages in Dubai and Sharjah for high-quality alloy wheel repair services at affordable prices.

alloy wheel repair refurbishment

Get Your Bent Rims & alloy Straightened

If you have a bent rim, it is important to straighten it as soon as possible. If you don’t, the wheel can be extremely damaged, and it can also lead to major issues.

  • Reduced tire life
  • Increased vibration
  • Handling problems
  • Air leaks

We also offer alloy wheel straightening. In certain conditions, the rim or alloy would bend so badly that it required replacement with aftermarket wheels. Our expert rim doctor uses diamond-cut technology for refurbishing and straightening alloy rims. Our team provides top-quality wheel straightening services, including bent alloy wheels.

Powder Coating:

Powder coating is a material that gives a long-lasting and protective surface to vehicle rims. The following steps is method of powder coating:

  1. First, we use chemicals to remove the exterior paint and lacquer.
  2. Then the wheel rim restoration process
  3. Under controlled pressure, we use heat to remove the bubbles from the alloy.
  4. Then we apply powder coating to the surface of the wheel.
  5. It improves the appearance and resistance to corrosion, chipping, and fading.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for a cheap and trustworthy rim repair shop or bent wheel repair in Dubai (al Quoz) and Sharjah? You’ve come to the right spot. We offer a wide range of Wheel and Vehicle repair services. We use the latest tools and cutting-edge technology.

You can find us online by searching “rim repair” or “alloy wheel repair services near you” on Google. You can see our reviews on our business page on Google. Our customers are satisfied with our services and products, which helps them decide whether or not to choose us.

alloy wheel repair refurbishment


John Smith bent rim

I had a bent rim and they were able to straighten it out for me. The service was quick and affordable, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone

Jane Doe curb rashes

I had a few curb rashes on my rims and they were able to buff them out and make them look brand new. I'm really happy with the results.

Michael Jones crack in my rim

I had a crack in my rim and they were able to weld it back together. The repair looks great and I'm confident that it will last.

Yes. We can fix the bent rim. We used the latest technology to repair your alloy wheel.

It is a common type of rim damage. When the rim rubs against the curb, it sustains damage. With polishing, we can repair the minor damages.

Starting at AED 200

The cost of a bent rim depends on the damage and type of repair method.

There are five different methods, which include:

  1. Polishing
  2. Touch-up paint
  3. Straightening
  4. Welding
  5. Replacement

It is the metal disc that is between the wheel and the hub. It improves the handling.

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