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Sumitomo Rubber Industries is the parent company of Sumitomo Tyres. This company established in 1909. Initially founded as a rubber manufacturing company in Japan. Sumitomo Rubber quickly got recognition for its high-quality products and innovative technologies.

After many years, the company expanded its factories worldwide. In 1963, they introduced the radial tires into the Japanese market. This revolutionary tire technology improves safety and performance. After the radial tires’ success, this company gained a reputation in the tire industry.

This company is still doing hard work by focusing on research and level of quality. One of the best-advanced technology tires, Long Mileage PLUS Compound. Thesetyres improve the fuel efficiency without compromising performance or durability. With these fantastic technologies, Sumitomo has become a trusted brand name worldwide.

If you are looking for high-quality tires in Dubai and Sharjah, then buy Sumitomo tyres is the best brand. Starting From 295 AED

Free Services When Buy Tyres From iTyreCare


Computerized Wheel balancing


Installation of Tyres


Tyre puncture Repair


Nitrogen air Filling

Ride with Sumitomo Car Tyres – Now Available in iTyerCare!

Trust is the most important when selecting the right tires for your car. We are excited to announce that Sumitomo Car Tyres are now available on iTyreCare. Sumitomo is a well-known brand in the automotive industry, known for its quality.

Sumitomo Car Tyres have gained high popularity among drivers because of their smooth grip and handling. Whether you are going through wet or dry on Dubai roads, these tyres give a safe and smooth ride. The advanced tread design ensures excellent traction. The Sumitomo Tires also reduce the rolling resistance, which improves handling and fuel efficiency.

The Sumitomo Car Tires also provide the best performance and excellent durability. They designed tires with cutting-edge technology without compromising on safety. This brand offers a wide variety of tire collections. Below are some famous products from the Sumitomo Brand.

  1. htr900 Sumitomo
  2. Sumitomo 205 55r16
  3. 235 50r18 Sumitomo

Get the Best Tyre Deals From iTyrecare

We understand that finding the best tire deals can be difficult with so many options available in the market. That is why we make this mission easy and hassle-free for our customers. We have a wide range of branded tires at affordable prices.

One of the critical advantages of choosing us is our commitment to quality. We only stock tyres that meet the strict standards of the UAE. Our professional team will assist you and guide you properly. We offer great prices on the sumitomo tyres in dubai.

Our skilled technicians can assist with wheel alignment, tire rotation, and balancing to increase life span. We build long-term relationships with our customers by providing them with the best services. We give Free services when you purchase the tires set from us.

  1. Free Computerized Wheel balancing
  2. Free Installation of Tyres
  3. Free Rubber Valve Replacement
  4. Free Old Tyres Disposal
  5. Free Nitrogen air filling

Don’t wait any longer. Check out the wide range of Sumitomo Car Tyres available on iTyreCare today. You can trust us; we guarantee our performance and reliability will not disappoint you. Upgrade your car’s tires now and enjoy the ride.

You can find us online by searching “tyre shop” or tyre shop near me.”

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Sumitomo manufactures tires in many countries, such as Japan, the United States, Indonesia, and Thailand.
The Sumitomo tires are good tires in the UAE. They are durable, perform well, and offer good value.
Sumitomo is a Japanese company that makes and sells tires under the Dunlop brand.








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